Tottenham Quiz: Spurs Y/Z Team – Players Whose Surnames Begin With…


The final Tottenham quiz on players whose surnames begin with the same letter. This week’s quiz is on players whose names begin with the letters Y/Z.

I will give you the initials of 8 of the 10 Tottenham players whose surnames begin with the letters  ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. There are 9 questions about the players and the answers can be found at the link to the question.

The other two players whose name begins with the letter ‘Y’ are Alex Young and Chris Young who played 9 games for Spurs in their early years in the Football League prior to the 1st World War. The other players are more recent dating back to the mid-1970s.

You get one point for the player’s name and there are 14 points for answering the questions correctly.

Enjoy the quiz.

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Tottenham Quiz – The Spurs ‘Y/Z’ Team


L Y:

1.  This defender came through the Tottenham youth system and later in his career played for which two London clubs?  (2 points)  Answer  Answer

W Y:

2.  From which club was this central defender signed and who was the manager responsible for bringing him to White Hart Lane?  (2 points)  Answer

Ledley’s words [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]C Z:

3.  This defender specialised in scoring from free-kicks. On two occasions he scored Spurs’ third goal of the game but Tottenham failed to win. Against which teams did he score these goals?  (2 points)  Answer  Answer

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R Z:

4.  On leaving Tottenham which club did this young defender join and for which country has he played at full international level?  (2 points)  Answer

Midfield Players

D Z:

5.  This midfield player scored for Tottenham in a penalty shoot-out but which team were Spurs playing and who was their goalkeeper?  (2 points)  Answer

M Y:

6.  Against which team did this young player make his Tottenham debut on the final day of the season in the 2000s.  (1 point)  Answer

T Y:

7.  From which team did Tottenham sign this experienced, international midfield player?  (1 point)  Answer


B Z:

8.  This striker played only a few games for Spurs and scored 1 goal. From which team did Spurs sign him?  (1 point)  Answer

9.  Against which team did he score his only goal and when he left Tottenham which player arrived at White Hart Lane?  (1 point)  Answer

I hope you enjoyed the quiz – the answers are at the links after each question.

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