5 players who left Tottenham Hotspur too soon

Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace - Premier League
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Tottenham Hotspur have seen some great players come but unfortunately for fans, they have also let some exceptional players go. With that being said, here are 5 players who left Tottenham Hotspur too soon.

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5 players who left Tottenham Hotspur too soon

1. Pat Jennings

Pat Jennings is one of the players who represented North London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Unfortunately for Tottenham, he is also an example of a player who left Tottenham Hotspur too soon.

Without a doubt, he is one of the best players in Tottenham's history but nobody could foresee Jennings playing for another eight years after being sold to Arsenal. An excellent legacy at Spurs which could have been close to doubled, had he not been sold.

2. Peter Crouch

Many people recognise Peter Crouch as a former Tottenham Hotspur player, but not many know that he actually begun his career with Spurs. This is because Tottenham re-signed Peter Crouch in 2009, keeping him for two years. However, he should've never been sold by Tottenham in the first place.

Tottenham sold Crouch to QPR in 2000 and he went on to have a good career before rejoining. Had he spent more time developing at Tottenham, his legacy at Tottenham could've looked much better.

3. Luka Modrić

Luka Modrić is, without a doubt, a Tottenham Hotspur legend. However, given the impact he had, it is difficult to believe he played just four years with Tottenham. He was sold to Real Madrid in 2012, where he famously became one of the best midfielders of all-time.

For a player of Modrić's quality, leaving Tottenham was always inevitable. However, it's impossible not to imagine what could've happened to Tottenham, had Modrić stayed.

4. Gareth Bale

Like Modrić, Gareth Bale is another Tottenham Hotspur who was sold to Real Madrid. Like Crouch, Bale is another player who returned to Tottenham after leaving.

However, Bale only returned on loan from Real Madrid. He scored 11 goals in 20 appearances, an impressive return, but he failed to earn himself a permanent move. It is widely documented that Bale ruined his career by signing for Real Madrid, so who knows what could've happened if he didn't leave Tottenham?

5. Harry Kane

A more recent example of a player who left Tottenham Hotspur too soon is Harry Kane. It might seem bizarre to say that a player with a 14-year tenure left the club too soon, particularly in the modern era of the game, but there were hopes that Kane would spend his entire career at Tottenham.

I believe he left the club too soon for two reasons - The first being he missed out on beating the all-time Premier League goal-scoring record and the second being he missed out on the Ange Postecoglou rebuilding Tottenham era.


Which players do you think left Tottenham Hotspur too soon?