Mourinho asking the same question as Tottenham fans, what if

Now that the season is over and Jose Mourinho is elsewhere gainfully employed, he has opened up a small door into his hurt to the Sun about being sacked just days before the Carabao Cup final.

Mourinho called reaching the final with Tottenham Hotspur his half trophy and essentially knocks around the big question all of us – including many players – are wondering: what if?

Tottenham, Mourinho’s half trophy

Twenty-five and a half are how Mourinho answered the question about how many trophies he has earned. “The half is the final I didn’t play with Tottenham,” Mourinho remarked. He went on talking about a final being a dream and a final at Wembley is “more than a dream” dropping names of excellent coaches like Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola and the importance of such a grand occasion.

Then came the stinger about having a “chance to win a trophy with a club that doesn’t have many was, of course, a double dream”.  Sure, we can talk about how many trophies Tottenham has as a club over time but all those calling Jose a dinosaur need to remember he won most of his trophies during Tottenham’s barren 13-year run.

Mourinho went out of his way to not say anything negative about Daniel Levy, noting that he leaves the club and wishes them well. However, he also noted that it was a mark on his career to not “play a final that I won the right to go there”. It was also a mark on the club that the team is still trying to shake, leaving the question, what if?

Tottenham deserved a Mourinho final

Why Daniel Levy chose to sack Mourinho six days before a cup final we may never fully know. However, knowing that Harry Kane did not know in advance and that we are still looking for a coach tells us about all we need to know, this was not something well planned out.

As Tottenham continues to look for a coach and Mourinho moves on, now I cannot help but think that we as Tottenham fans deserved better.

Yes, the media circus around Jose Mourinho – looking at you The Athletic/Sky Sports – and the negativity that came with it was certainly tearing the fanbase apart. However, for everything the team and we as fans had gone through, the least we deserved was a chance to have that final under Mourinho’s guidance.

As we all saw in the Champions League Final and was kind of demonstrated in the fact Spurs only lost by a goal to mighty Manchester City, anything can happen in a final. In a match for all the marbles, would you prefer to pit Mourinho or Mason against Guardiola? Come on now; it is almost stupid to even ask the question.

Given the division within the club, I am glad Mourinho is gone as we can begin to heal – some people were NEVER going to back him.

Maybe that is why he is now gone but that could have waited another week, especially without a real plan, as we remember even Paratici is not official yet.

So we as fans, like the players and Mourinho are left wondering, what if.