Director of football a big first step in Tottenham Hotspur rebuild

The announcement of Fabio Paratici as the new director of football for Tottenham Hotspur seems to be gaining momentum. Football insider now claims that the Italian and the Spurs have come to terms on a three-year deal to bring the former key figure at Juventus to N17. If this is true, it is a big deal given the imbalance between football and business minds at Tottenham and is just the first in several steps that have to occur for a true rebuild to happen.

Director of Football Step 1 for Tottenham

The reality is with a new Director of Football seemingly on the way, it is probably a good thing that Tottenham has not finalized their managerial selection. Presumably, the man who will be most responsible for bringing in new players and helping other players move on will want to have a say in the coach.

If the objective all along was to get Paratici in, who just recently left Juventus, then maybe all this wait has been worth it.

Paratici might do something truly magical and bring Paulo Dybala with him but more likely he is going to be looking for players like Weston McKennie. McKennie is a 22-year-old American midfielder who Juventus first took on a loan from Schalke and eventually signed on a permanent deal.

It will be the hope of Tottenham leadership that Paratici can find that kind of gems for Spurs rather than the big spends as he made on Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba at Juventus.

With a director in coach has to be next for Tottenham

Given the logical flow of events once Paratici is onboard, then it will be on to the coach and finalizing the new manager. Presumably, Paratici will have some idea who that is as the market opens in a few days, even if we the fans do not. Once a coach is finally installed, we can all move on.

The good news is that as we fans move on with the coach and how that man is going to lead the team, Paratici will then be fully ready to do what good directors of football do and start finding the right kind of talent for the manager and the club to move forward.

Of course along with those signings will need to be some sales, which the new coach should have some say in as well. As players go out and new players come in all under a new manager and director, the Tottenham rebuild will well and truly be underway.

And while we do not have that coach, if Fabio Paratici is indeed named Director of Football for Tottenham, know that it is a big first step on our road to rebuilding.