Tottenham’s Eriksen has agent meeting with Madrid

The future of Tottenham’s want-away star Christian Eriksen is becoming ever more muddled as his agent has set up a meeting with Real Madrid to try and find a solution to the stars’ transfer wishes.

Real Madrid want Eriksen and Eriksen wants Real Madrid.

Tottenham want a lot of money for the Dane and Real Madrid have, even by their standards, spent an absurd amount of money this summer. That said, when dealing with Madrid their coffers can usually be squeezed for just a little extra money when necessary.

The question is how much?

Eriksen has strengthened his negotiating position recently by refusing to sign a new contract.  Threatening to leave for free is a big issue for a player of his quality.   The new stadium will provide Tottenham with greater financial flexibility but they still can’t afford that sort of loss.

As soon as the season starts, the value of his transfer begins to plummet dramatically.  This is particularly true for a player who has interest from teams in other leagues.  That means that in January Eriksen could sign a pre-contract with Madrid and leave for free in the summer.  It’s a huge risk to take if Tottenham can’t agree a new contract with him.

That is why the news of Eriksen’s agent, who is within his rights as a representative, taking this meeting is such a problem for Tottenham.  The North London club are now working from a comparatively weak position. Eriksen and his camp are actively plotting their own path, and it is diverging from that of Tottenham’s.  It is the sort of thing that happens in football which is getting increasingly ugly.

If this were to be done in good taste, Eriksen would be up front and tell Tottenham that he would like them to agree a fee. Tottenham would recognize the opportunity and gentlemanly nature of this.

Additionally, they’d that Eriksen’s management team have their proverbial nuts in a vice from a negotiating standpoint, and they’d hash it out with the respect that has developed over 7 years.

That, though, does not appear to be happening which is a shame for everyone involved.

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