Tottenham On This Day: Jurgen Klinsmann – Watford v Spurs


Jurgen Klinsmann, the German international striker made his debut for Tottenham in a pre-season friendly against Watford on this day in 1994.

Tottenham on this Day

6th August, 1994

Watford 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (Pre-season Friendly)

Scorer: Sheringham

Team: Walker; Austin, Kerslake (Carr); Calderwood (Hill), Nethercott (Mabbutt), Campbell; Barmby, Howells, Anderton (Rosenthal), Sheringham, Klinsmann

The signing of Jurgen Klinsmann in July, 1994 had a tremendous effect on what was a very despondent Tottenham that summer as they coped with the punishment handed out by the Football Association for financial irregularities. Suddenly, there was a buzz about White Hart Lane and other clubs benefited from the knock-on effect as their supporters wanted to see the German World Cup winner as well.

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Watford were the first club to see the rewards as the clamour for tickets to watch Ossie Ardiles’ team escalated for what had been previously an ordinary pre-season friendly. Every Spurs fan wanted to be present for Klinsmann’s debut at Vicarage Road and many Watford supporters wanted to be there as well. In fact, 14, 021 attended. It was just like 1978 all over again when Tottenham signed Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa.

Jurgen Klinsmann debut for Tottenham at Watford

The match was Tottenham’s fifth pre-season friendly and it was played on this day, 6th August, 1994. It ended in a 1 – 1 draw but Jurgen Klinsmann didn’t manage to score the goal that everyone had been hoping for.

Watford took the lead with a 35-yard strike and the Tottenham equaliser came from Teddy Sheringham who was to develop a potent striking partnership with Klinsmann during their season together. They scored 52 League and Cup goals that season, Jurgen Klinsmann getting 29 with Teddy Sheringham scoring 23.

After the match Jurgen Klinsmann said,

"I was moved by the occasion. It was wonderful."

His first performance was described by Watford’s David Holdsworth as,

"He has excellent balance. Even off the ball he looks good. He can take English football by storm."

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Jurgen Klinsmann at Watford [Photo: Logan Holmes]