Tottenham Quiz: Celebrity Mastermind Questions – Spurs 2000-2013


[Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Two weeks ago a contestant on the BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind quiz answered questions on Tottenham 2000 – 2013. Here are the eight questions which were asked in the allotted time so that you can decide of you’re ready to take up the challenge of the television show.

Eight questions today with the answers, if you need them, at the links after the question.

Tottenham Mastermind Quiz: Spurs 2000 – 2013

1.  Tottenham played in the Champions League for the first time in which season when they reached the quarter-finals?   Answer

2.  In September, 2009 Spurs beat Burnley 5 – 0. It was the first Premier League victory at the 25th attempt for a player who had joined the club in 2007. Which player?  Answer

3.  In 2004, the club adopted a continental style management structure with Jacques Santini as Head Coach and which former Anderlecht player as Sporting Director?  Answer

4.  Which trophy did Tottenham win for the fourth time in February, 2008, defeating Chelsea 2 – 1 after extra time? It was the club’s first major trophy in nine years.  Answer

5.  Before a Premier League match in October, 2007 Tottenham celebrated their 125th anniversary with a parade of star players and trophies. The match ended in a 4 – 4 draw. Who were their opponents?  Answer

6.  Who scored the only goal in Spurs’ victory against Milan in the San Siro in the last 16 of the Champions League but was sent off after just 15 minutes in the 1st leg of the quarter final against Real Madrid?  Answer

7.  In 2008 Luka Modric joined Tottenham from which Croatian club? After four years he was sold to Real Madrid.  Answer

8.  In December, 2000 the fastest Premier League goal was scored just 10 seconds after the kick-off of a match between Spurs and Bradford City. Who was the scorer? Answer

How Did You Get On?

8:  Very Good

6 – 7:  Good

5:  Well Done

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