3 Tottenham players who are Champions League ready and 2 who are not

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Emerson Royal (not ready)

Emerson Royal has already played in the Champions League with Tottenham Hotspur but now that the club has upgraded in this position, it is easy to notice him as a weak-point. Should Tottenham qualify for the Champions League, they are better off with Emerson, who can be clumsy and costly in big moments, out of the squad.

Of course, Emerson Royal is already up for sale this summer, so it is likely that Ange Postecoglou has considered this.

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Sergio Reguilón (not ready)

Sergio Reguilón is another Tottenham player with Champions League history but he had a poor showing in the competition. Yep, he was involved in one of the worst teams to ever play in the Champions League - The 2023/24 Manchester United side.

Playing two games in the Champions whilst on loan at Manchester United, Sergio Reguilón is not likely to repeat this with Tottenham, even if they qualify for the competition next season. He is also up for sale in the summer transfer window, when he returns from loan.


Which Tottenham players do you think are ready for Champions League and which are not ready?