Postecoglou addresses challenging fixtures as Tottenham enter final stretch

Spurs are embarking on a tough few weeks of football, but their manager is up to the task at hand.
West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Richard Pelham/GettyImages

Any Spurs fan would be hard-pressed to look at the weeks of football ahead and not come to terms with the fact that this may be their toughest stretch of the season.

Sure, the injury-ridden months of November and December were undoubtedly a tumultous period of time for Ange Postecoglou under his new tenure in North London.

Nevertheless, the upcoming matches against Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City won't be a walk in the park.

Despite the obstacles that stand in Tottenham's road to a top-four finish and Champions League football next season, however, there's still room for hope and optimism.

Ange Postecoglou, though in his first season as manager of a Premier League club, has decades of footballing expertise behind him to guide his decision-making; and that wisdom shone through in the manager's most recent press conference (Football.London).

"Look, every time you're out there is a chance to measure yourself," Postecoglou said. "I have a fair idea of where we’re at, and what progress we’ve made and what progress we need to make," he added.

Surely, Spurs' season has been filled with ups and downs, both in the realm of player injuries, as well as ebbs and flows in form. Needless to say, there's room for improvement and growth.

"It’s another great challenge for us - three big games and then we finish the season with three games. And they're all games of consequence - for us and for the opposition," Ange continued.

Surely, the outcome of the next few fixtures could go a long way not only in deciding Tottenham's fate, but the also in determining the way Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City finish their respective seasons: all three teams currently sit at the top of the table with a mere handful of points between them (Sky Sports).

Nevertheless, the Australian manager is focused on his own team's performance, as are the players.

"The players are looking forward to that [challenge] as well - this time of the year you want to be playing for something. And certainly the games we’re involved in will have something in them, so yeah looking forward to it," the manager concluded.

This weekend's North London derby could go a long way in setting the tone for the remainder of the season, especially because of the fact that The Lilywhites haven't seen action in two weeks.