Hotspur roundup: Transfer SZN is finally upon us!

Now that Transfer SZN is finally in full swing across the Premier League, it's time for Spurs to turn up the pressure on the rest of the league. Who will be a part of manager Ange Postecoglou's long-term project by August 30th?
Tottenham Hotspur FC v Newcastle United FC
Tottenham Hotspur FC v Newcastle United FC / Robert Cianflone/GettyImages
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Hojbjerg and Mourinho to reunite?

Squad exits are just as likely as incoming players this summer, and even steady players like Royal and midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg are subject to a potential departure from the club. One manager that could benefit from Hojbjerg's uncertain status in North London is Fenerbahçe's Jose Mourinho, the Danish international's first manager at Spurs.

Hojbjerg was also Mourinho's first signing after arriving at Spurs, as the Portuguese gaffer is a big fan of his. The Dane is a tenacious, relentless midfielder who always work hard to support his side, qualities desired by any manager or coach worldwide. However, a move to Turkey might not happen. Numerous Serie A sides and Atletico Madrid are also reportedly interested in Hojbjerg, and a move to one of those clubs might be a better option for the midfielder long term. Truth Meter: 6/10.