No surprises in the latest news regarding Tottenham’s Harry Kane saga

The Guardian reports that Tottenham has offered  Harry Kane a new contract, which he has no intention of signing until the dust settles on various internal and external happenings.

As expected, Daniel Levy is pulling out all the stops to keep his marquee talent at the club. Just as unsurprisingly, Kane has no intention of putting pen to paper, yet anyway.

With Bayern Munich’s interest heating up, Kane is keen to keep his options open. Nobody expected otherwise.

While the specific amount of his new prospective pay packet hasn’t been released, the Guardian says it “would significantly improve his £200,000-a-week terms.”

That’s pretty obvious, as Kane will need to receive a handsome raise to even consider staying at Spurs.

Thomas Tuchel reportedly met with Kane to try and convince Spurs’ legend to join the German outfit, an idea the goalscoring machine is open to.

However, Levy does not want to sell Tottenham’s all-time leading goalscorer. Spurs’ chairman will be forced to let Kane go if Bayern Munich matches, or gets close to, Tottenham’s asking price, an amount of no less than £90 million.

Spurs supporters are watching the situation closely, knowing the result of this drama could decisively change the course of upcoming seasons.

While Bayern’s interest is placing heaps of external pressure on Tottenham and Kane, the internal scenario is also about to take shape. Kane is set to meet Spurs’ new boss when he returns from holiday.

Ange will do his utmost to convince Kane of his project’s merit and exciting nature, which should see the talisman’s goal rate increase.

The new gaffer will also hope the signing of James Maddison will convince Kane to stay for at least one more season, providing enough time for him to come around on the idea of signing the new, giant contract offer.

This situation sits tenuously on a knife’s edge and could go either way. While I’d love for Kane to sign the new deal immediately, we all know that will not happen until other factors fall into place.

Munich poses a credible option for Kane; one Levy might soon have to consider.

Tottenham and Munich will want to conclude matters in the next couple of weeks, and considering what is on the line, it’s anyone’s guess how the dust will settle.