Tottenham suffers another hammer blow with latest Chelsea news

(Photo by KARIM JAAFAR / AFP) (Photo by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by KARIM JAAFAR / AFP) (Photo by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images) /

Uncomfortable news for Tottenham supporters is surfacing out of west London, as Chelsea is reportedly on the cusp of signing Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager. 

While a section of Tottenham supporters never wanted Pochettino back in north London, the lion’s share of the faithful will be up in arms when the Argentine is officially named as Chelsea’s next head coach.

The news comes as the latest — and arguably most pronounced — hammer blow to Tottenham and its disenchanted supporters.

Not only is Pochettino an elite manager who almost achieved the ultimate prize during his almost five-year tenure at Spurs, but he also desperately wanted a reunion with the club.

Reports suggested that Daniel Levy didn’t even pick up the phone for as much as an introductory chat about the prospect of his return.

Few top managers want anything to do with the chaos and bedlam currently engulfing Tottenham, making Levy’s inaction where Pochettino is concerned even more maddening.

I’m the first to admit that Pochettino has his flaws, which were put into focus during a torrid final few months before being sacked in 2019.

But he provided stability, a winning formula, and an exciting, high-tempo brand of football the club has since been without.

Now Tottenham supporters need to go through more torment, seeing their former boss — who came closest to winning the Champions League and Premier League as Spurs manager — patrol the touchline at Stamford Bridge.

Spurs supporters will never forgive Levy if — and probably when — Pochettino wins Chelsea its next piece of silverware.

Some Spurs supporters will see Pochettino going to Chelsea as an act of treachery and betrayal. However, those who see it that way are missing the point. Pochettino preferred Spurs from the onset, making his desire to return to Hotspur Way clear.

Shunned by Levy, Pochettino took action and, if confirmed, has made the logical decision. Turning down the Chelsea job after almost a year unemployed would have been tantamount to career sabotage.

And to what end? Despite deafening support from large swaths of Tottenham’s faithful, he was never in the running for the Spurs job.

And now we’re left to watch, left to see what manager Levy scrapes from the bottom of the barrel, left to watch Chelsea again ascend as we spiral helplessly and haplessly out of control.

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It’s another devastating day in a long line of sad days for Tottenham supporters. And the club’s current state suggests it certainly won’t be the last.