Can World Cup disappointment drive Tottenham players

(Photo by NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by NATALIA KOLESNIKOVA/AFP via Getty Images) /

Only one team will win the World Cup, leaving many players disappointed. Spurs fans must hope that can drive some Tottenham players to leave the tournament early than expected.

With any competition, there will be more losers than winners. However, there are certainly gradients of both, especially with a tournament as important as the World Cup. For some teams, simply making the big tournament was a win, but an extended stay might have been expected for others. Regardless, several Tottenham players will have to turn their disappointment into drive with the club season still ahead.

Wales, Denmark defeats sting Tottenham more than others

While Harry Kane, Eric Dier, and England advance to the knockouts, several other nations are seeing their dreams end. Such was the case for Wales and Denmark, who had very different expectations but similar experiences over the last two weeks.

Wales was in the World Cup for the first time in 60 years, and their best player, Gareth Bale, has been injured most of this season in the MLS. Although a strong showing in Euro 2020 and the ever-present threat of Bale were there, Wales could not overcome a rash red card and a loss to Iran.

Although Ben Davies played well at times, he and Joe Rodon are likely both disappointed. For Davies, playing in the next World Cup seems unlikely, although Rodon should still be part of the team. And as for the ex-Spur, Bale, it may be the end.

Wales came to the table playing with house money, and Denmark came with a different agenda but left equally disappointed.

Pierre Hojbjerg was so close on Wednesday. He had played the ball into the box to Mikkel Damsgaard‘s feet, and Hojbjerg followed his pass into the box, looking to collect the ball back from Damsgaard.

However, the ball got stuck under Mikkel’s feet, and six seconds later, Australia was up 1-0, and Denmark’s dreams were done.

Like Rodon, Hojbjerg is likely young enough he may still be in the Danish set-up come 2026, but that does not make the loss sting any less.

Tottenham needs to turn pain into persistence.

As players like Davies and Hojbjerg return to Hotspur way over the coming weeks and the team gears up for a return to action, the players need to remember the sting of defeat, and they need to remember how disappointed they felt when their dreams were dead.

Then the players need to channel that disappointment into focusing on a top-four finish and trying to end a trophy drought that has gone on for too long. Thus while one dream ends, another continues, and that hope needs to drive Tottenham to success.

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