Scans for Tottenham, England star, highlight worst possible scenario

Harry Kane of England, Tottenham (Photo by Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images)
Harry Kane of England, Tottenham (Photo by Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images) /

Having the World Cup during the season would always add risk, which could be a reality for England and Tottenham, with scans coming for Harry Kane.

Heading into the World Cup, most of the Tottenham starting 11 were running on fumes. The gauntlet of games before the break wore on the team and their performance. Moreover, the stress of playing every three days left several Spurs players susceptible to injury, and a worst-case scenario could arise.

Ankle scans are a precautionary measure for Harry Kane

Based on what we all witnessed, Kane being taken down, receiving treatment, and carrying on, he should be okay. However, according to the Guardian, our talisman is receiving scans on his ankle.

Given Kane’s performance over the last thirty minutes he played, the scans will likely not show anything serious for our talisman. Nevertheless, the idea that just one match into the World Cup, Kane is having his ankle scanned brings to bear many club’s greatest fear of having a mid-season stoppage – losing a player.

Spurs fans know well, Kane’s history of ankle issues. Over his Spurs career, Kane has missed more than 30 matches with various ankle injuries, the most recent being two stints in the Spring of 2021 (

Kane has avoided the ankle issues that at times plagued him over the last 18 months and has produced some tremendous football as a result.

Injury scans can be more trouble than we know

While the scan will likely show Kane is good to go, Tottenham fans know scans can be problematic.

We were assured Heung-min Son’s arm would be okay back in February 2020. However, after being convinced by trainers to get a scan done, the doctors found a fracture, and Son went 73 days between games for Tottenham, the longest stretch out of action in his career.

Of course, if something is wrong with Kane’s ankle, it is better to know and have it treated than ignore it and let it fester.

As an American Tottenham fan, the game against the USA would not be bad for Kane to miss. However, as a Spurs fan, I hope Kane is okay and, most importantly, is ready to play when Antonio Conte calls.

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