The one question every Tottenham Hotspur fan is asking?

Beyond the disappointment of another postponed match on Saturday, another announcement should have caught the attention of Tottenham Hotspur fans. 

On Saturday amidst all the chaos of the postponed North London Derby, the Sunday Times came out with a report that former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Christian Eriksen will be returning to the Premier League. Of course, the question every fan of Tottenham wants to know is; Will Eriksen’s return will be with Spurs?

Tottenham is an obvious destination, right?

Tottenham is a somewhat obvious choice for Eriksen’s return. The midfielder had some of his best seasons as N17. Further, Antonio Conte expressed his appreciation for Eriksen earlier in the window after the two were together at Inter Milan for 18 months. Conte said he had not spoken with Christian but that the door was always open for the midfielder.

There were even reports about a week ago that Tottenham was ramping up their efforts to sign Eriksen on a free transfer, following his release from Inter Milan. Ultimately, the Times did not link Eriksen with Tottenham, but we do know that Tottenham is not the only interested club.

While the report from the Times was not specific on where Eriksen was going to go, it did indicate that there were three teams interested in signing him. While there is all kinds of speculation on who those other clubs might be, one team, in particular, makes a lot of sense, Brentford.

Brentford an interesting Eriksen option

Brentford has a couple of things going for it, making it an interesting option. Brentford has defender Mathias Jensen, who is an international teammate of Eriksen’s for Denmark. Sure, Spurs offer his teammate Pierre Hojbjerg but Brentford has one more ace, Thomas Frank.

Thomas Frank is from Denmark himself and really earned his stripes as a coach working with Denmark’s youth teams. Frank was the coach for Denmarks U16, U17, and U19 teams at precisely the same time Eriksen was moving through the national ranks. That prior relationship, even more than his experience working with Conte may be enough to get Eriksen to go with Brentford.

Finally, at Brentford, the pressure would be much less than it is at Tottenham. Of all the newly promoted clubs, Brentford is the closest to safety and seems destined for a midtable finish. If Eriksen were to return at Tottenham, the pressure to perform from the off would be high with a top-four finish at stake, not to mention the previous heights he would be trying to recreate.

Ultimately, whatever Eriksen decides to do, I certainly wish him well, I just hope that well is with Tottenham and not against Spurs. What about you, do you want Eriksen back?