Davies Says Bale is Buzzing and Winning Coming at Tottenham

Tottenham, Jose Mourinho, Ben Davies (Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images)
Tottenham, Jose Mourinho, Ben Davies (Photo by Sebastian Frej/MB Media/Getty Images) /

Ben Davies spoke with the media ahead of the Tottenham clash with LASK and while the questions about the game were few, Davies did drop some names.

It would have happened had it been Joe Rodon or anyone else, but of course Ben Davies was asked about Gareth Bale and the Mourinho mentality in his time with the media. So, what did the Welsh defender have to say about his longtime international teammate, the Tottenham team mentality, and of course cricket?

The Bale Factor

While the impact has not be as immediate on the pitch, Gareth Bale coming to Tottenham is not that much different than Cristiano Ronaldo going to Juventus in many ways. What both players bring to the team on and off the pitch go far beyond their talent. Both Bale and Ronaldo pay for themselves with shirt sales, which keeps the front office happy. However, with Bale in particular, it is everything else he brings to the team that makes a huge difference for Tottenham and allows for the patience needed for his success.

When asked about Bale’s mood and if different than at Madrid, Davies noted he only saw Bale at Wales camp, which was always under great circumstances. However, here at N17, he said Bale is buzzing all around the place. More importantly, playing or not playing Bale is supporting his teammates and brings a level of experience and winning to the team that other players respect.

While we all want to see Gareth Bale succeed in a big way, if his success is more behind the scenes than on the pitch and Spurs win silverware, I am sure we will all take it. Regardless, it great to hear Bale is in good spirits, now let us hope that mood translates into his play on the pitch.

Cricket Corner

Okay, I am with Sergio Reguilón, I do not know cricket, nor do I understand it, nor have I really tried at this point. That said, until someone loses an eye, the reporters are going to keep asking about it. What did we learn this week about cricket? Not much.

Sergio is not the worst on the team, although Ben Davies would not throw any of his mates under the bus. He just mentioned that some had never touched a cricket ball and tried, which was something. Given the popularity of cricket in South America, it probably does not take that long to drum up a short list of players who have never touched the ball.

Just a warning, this apparently all started with a tennis ball and broom and now is part of every practice and press conference so you may not want to try it at home.

Tottenham Team Mentality

I am starting to think the players are not allowed to speak to the media until they can say it, “the most important game is the next game we play”. While we have not heard it said in that exact way, the refrain week after week from the Tottenham players and coaches is the same the most important game is the next game.

Davies classified this mentality as a “good habit” where the team is “picking up points regularly” to be where we want to be. Davies came out and said that the team is here because they “want to win something this year” and step-by-step, point by point Spurs can get there. So on Sunday while they did not get three points, they took one at a tough place and can build on that success.

While the commentary does not make for great copy and clicks, the fact of the matter is boring often wins. Because really the team is not being boring, they are simply focused. That focus is singular and Davies said it well noting that, “winning games is our only priority” and that while it has “been a long time coming to try and win something” at Tottenham, that singular focus might be what is needed to deliver the silverware so long desired.