Mourinho Compliments Championship in Talking Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)
Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images) /

Jose Mourinho had some really nice things to say about the Championship as a league when talking about Tottenham and center back Joe Rodon on Wednesday ahead of Ludogorets.

Jose Mourinho knows he has a problem with Toby Alderweireld being out injured, but Tottenham have Davinson Sanchez and Joe Rodon, which does not seem a bad alternative. Sanchez is a top center-half on his day and while Rodon is a bit unknown, he seems to have the confidence of the coach. So, what did Mourinho have to say about Rodon and Sanchez ahead of the Ludogorets match in Europa League and what does that have to do with the championship?

Mourinho on Center Back Situation

When talking about Toby Alderweireld’s injury he noted that Toby “is an important player that we will miss, but we have Davinson Sanchez and we have, not for tomorrow because he is not on the list but we have Joe Rodon, so we fight with what we have”. While “we fight with what we have” is not a ringing endorsement, we do know Sanchez can do the job at right back fine. As for Rodon, Mourinho was asked about his readiness to play and start for Tottenham and Jose had plenty to say about Rodon and where he came from.

Mourinho said, “yes I think he is ready to play” regarding Rodon.  He went on to say that “of course he has never started a match in the Premier League” but noted he had “played two little periods with us at Burnley and Manchester City”. It was at this point, Jose stopped speaking about his players and turned his attention to the Championship where Rodon came from with Swansea City.

Mourinho on the Championship

Jose spent he next minute or so talking about the Championship starting with the idea that the “Championship is “now a high level competition, it is not the best competition in Europe because the best is the Premier league”. After complimenting his own league as the best in Europe, he continued that the Champions is “much better than many countries premier leagues”.

Mourinho said that “to play regular in the Championship a player of quality – and there are many there – gives them a certain level of football intensity and experience and that allows the players to be good players”.  Jose is saying all this to make a point about Joe Rodon’s readiness and that the Championship is not that different than a player coming from many other countries.

Jose wrapped the dialog on this center backs up with this, “So yes we have Davinson, but for Sunday we will have Davinson and Rodon, so we are okay, and we are happy”. Ultimately, Jose Mourinho has little other choice but to say he is happy with what he has, because it is what he until Alderweireld comes back or someone else comes in January. The good news is that Rodon can be added to the Europa League squad list if Spurs make the knockout stages so he at most is ineligible for three more games.

As for the Championship, yes, there are lots of top-quality players there and some strong teams.  Each season at least one of the promoted clubs ends up pushing for the top half spot in the Premier League. Joe Rodon is ready, but he is going to have to wait, because for now the focus is on Ludogorets and Thursday’s game.