Inside the Numbers Behind 200 Tottenham Goals for Harry Kane

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In examining the 200 goals Harry Kane has scored for Tottenham Hotspur, we find impressive numbers and a lot of points for Spurs when Kane hits the net.

We have heard the big symmetrical statistics at this point, 200 goals in 300 games, with 100 home and 100 away, how perfect. More perfect might have been for the 200th to have also coincided with Kane’s 150th Premier League goal, which is likely to come Sunday at the Hawthorns versus West Brom. Alas, Kane hit 200 with his 11th Europa League proper goal instead and Spurs picked up the points. Points even more likely to be taken with Kane having scored. So, we will explore how likely Spurs are to win when Harry Kane scores and other fun facts found in 200 Harry Kane goals. Note all stats from

How Harry Has Delivered

Harry Kane is an exceptional striker a big part of what makes him so great is his ability to score at almost any time from anywhere on the pitch. While it did not technically count toward 200, we will all remember Kane half-field goal to help Spurs win the Audi Cup. While those goals are much more memorable than his two-career tap-ins, they have indeed come in all shapes and sizes.

Of course, most of Harry Kane’s goals have come with his magical right boot. Kane has netted 115 of his 200 goals with his right foot, accounting for 58% of all his goals. That may seem like an excessive amount given the fact that Kane is known for scoring with his head and both feet. However, 30 of those 115 goals have been penalties and a further 3 were set piece related. In ordinary open play Kane has scored 82 with his right foot, 41%, which is probably more reflective of how Kane contributes overall.

While 15% of his goals have come through those 30 penalty kicks, it was probably fitting that 200 came on a header as Kane has even more header goals than penalty kicks, with 33 goals being nodded in. Just for comparison Heung-Min Son has scored 92 goals for Tottenham and he has scored 50 with his right foot and 38 with his left, but only 4 with his head, accounting for just over 4% of his total goals.

Kane does have a solid left foot of his own which has netted 42 goals for Spurs. This is the one area where Son may be a tad better, as his 38 goals are 41% of his total, as Kane’s 42 left-footed goals account for 21% of his total. Of course, 42 goals is a career for many players, but it is just Kane’s left foot. Bottom line, whether right footed, left footed, or with his head, Kane can put the ball in goal.