Captain Kane Tries for 200th Goal in 300th Tottenham Match

Tottenham, Harry Kane (Photo by Ian Walton/Pool via Getty Images)
Tottenham, Harry Kane (Photo by Ian Walton/Pool via Getty Images) /

Harry Kane is leading the line as Tottenham captain in his 300th appearance for the club, which might coincide with his 200th Spurs goal versus Ludogorets.

In Europa League, you never know who Jose Mourinho is going to start, other than it is not likely to be exactly like our projected XI. Given the XI comes out before we even know who boarded the plane, it was bound to be wrong. Instead of the Brazilian Vinicius getting his third Tottenham Hotspur start, we get talisman Harry Kane and his 300th appearance.

There are some 47 players in the history of Tottenham with more appearances than Kane and only 1 active player with more – Hugo Lloris who sits at 335 and is on the bench for Ludogorets. It is highly likely barring injury Kane will pass close to half of those players on the list THIS season. However, Kane has a long way to go to get to the 400+ club, which only has 12 players in it. As for Steve Perryman’s 854 appearances, for now that is safe too.

Making the 300th appearance even more special is the opportunity for Kane to score his 200th goal in all competitions. While symmetry would say the goal should be in the Premier League, where he has 199 goals, I think Kane likely just wants it to come as soon as possible and move on.

And while Kane is only top 50 now in appearances, he is 3rd in club history in goals with his 199. Likely, Kane will be in second place by the end of the season – maybe by Boxing Day – as he is only 9 behind the great Bobby Smith at 208. Of course, Jimmy Greeves and 266 will likely take another season, but probably not much more – again assuming Kane stays healthy.

While the game may be in Bulgaria and one that not everyone may get to witness – and hardly anyone live – it may be a day to go down in the history and annals of Tottenham lore, when the club talisman hit two milestones in one day, his 200th goal and his 300th game. Both are amazing feats, especially for a one-year wonder.