Real Madrid Cannot Recall Sergio Reguilón from Tottenham

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 18: Sergio Reguilon of Tottenham Hotspur (Photo by Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 18: Sergio Reguilon of Tottenham Hotspur (Photo by Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images) /

A rumor seems to be going around that Sergio Reguilón may be recalled from Tottenham to Real Madrid which is impossible as Reguilón is not on loan to Spurs.

There is a big difference between a recall and a buy back clause, luckily for Tottenham Hotspur they have a buy back clause, which should keep Sergio Reguilón a Spur. A loan is when a player’s right belong to one club and they allow the player to play elsewhere for a fee.

Juan Foyth is a great example of this, as the Argentine signed an extension with Tottenham Hotspur before moving on to Sevilla for the season. Foyth’s rights still belong to Spurs and Levy will have the ultimate say in what comes next for Foyth. Likewise, Carlos Vinicius is on loan from Benfica to Tottenham, although there is a purchase option Levy inserted.

Loan’s like Foyth’s or Carlos Vinicius can be cancelled at any time. Either the lending or receiving club can do so. Now there may be some penalties in terms of financial obligations, but the players do not belong to the club where they are on loan. If Tottenham had Reguilón on loan, maybe we should be worried, but that is not the case. A purchase, which is what Sergio Regulon’s move from Real Madrid was, means the player can only move in a transfer window and cannot be recalled to their prior team.

While according to reports, Real Madrid has a buy back option included in the original sale to Tottenham, a buy back is nothing like a recall. Given Reguilón is contracted to Spurs, on a five-year term at that, Reguilón could not move outside a transfer window. According to reports, that window would not open until the summer of 2021, so even if Marcelo falls completely off, the earliest Real Madrid could try to bring Reguilón back would be after this current season.

Reguilon who debuted for Spurs versus Newcastle already has two assists in his brief Tottenham career. His energetic all action of style of play very much fits the mold of what Jose Mourinho is looking for from his fullbacks.

Further, there is not guarantee that Reguilón would go back, as he the young Spaniard would have to agree to the deal. The only thing guaranteed based on the buy back is the price, some 15 million pounds more than Tottenham paid and the window, which is for the Summer of 2021 and 2022. In other words, at least for now Sergio Reguilón is going nowhere, expect to the next Tottenham match.