Conversation Corner: Tottenham vs Crystal Palace

Jul 27, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Tottenham Hotspur head coach Mauricio Pochettino speaks during an All-Star press conference at Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 27, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Tottenham Hotspur head coach Mauricio Pochettino speaks during an All-Star press conference at Grand Hyatt. Mandatory Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports /
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Hugo Lloris:

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“Hugo Lloris is here, the captain’s here. Hugo, tell us about the win against Palace first of all. It was an important game and a good performance”

“Yeah a great battle. You know, last season, we were a bit in struggle when we played after European competition games. And today I think we started so well the game, with a good spirit and good aggressivity and until the end of the game we were strong. And in the end it was a great team performance and we need to continue that way.”

“Actually the first thing that Mauricio said, was about the energy levels after playing on Thursday night. He was really pleased with that. “

“Yeah me too. Because as I said, we lost so many points last season after European games. But today we could have been a bit worried, but I think the guys did so well with the right spirit. But at the same time, I’m not surprised, because everyday everyone’s involved in their work and that’s very positive for us.”

“Now games like this are won in moments, Hugo, and you provided one of those moments at 0-0 with a fantastic save to you alright. You’re not gonna tell us much about it but tell us what you’re thinking, tell us about the save. I mean you’re such a down to earth fellow, you’re not going to say it’s the best save of my life or anything like that but it was an important moment Hugo.”

“Yeah it was an important moment, but I think it’s — as I said — it’s a team performance, everyone make the game easier because we were all involved, all focused, all concentrated. But I will say to you, I should have catched it [laughs], but it’s football, you know I try always to do my best for the team, to help the team get points and I’m happy to do that.”

“Jan said it was the best save he’s seen you make. That’s going to put you on the spot isn’t it?”

“[laughs] No listen, and I as say to you, maybe in two months and months we will forget about that. Because it’s football and we just leave the moment — the present moment — and as I used to do, always questioning myself after each game, and now I’m already focused about the next game.”

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“It’s even better Hugo, because it led to a win and that win came about because of Sonny’s goal. What have you made of Sonny’s impact and that winning goal today was excellent wasn’t it?”

“Yeah even in the first half, I think he’s very unbelievable on the pitch because he makes a lot of movement. He’s very clever about his position and I try to do some rhythm changing with his pace. And he brings something else to the team and that’s great. But it’s not only about Sonny today, it’s about the team, and it’s very important for our confidence.”

“Talking about important for confidence, three clean sheets in the Premier League and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with that. And a small matter of Arsenal coming up now on Wednesday.”

“Yeah you know, in football, you have to respect basics and I think we are doing well the last couple of games. But in football, you always need to be 100% in every game and never be in excess of confidence, so that’s why it’s good to get points but you must be always focused to the next game.”

“And the next game is Arsenal Hugo, and we’ve had some huge games. We’ve had some special moments against them. They’re always huge games aren’t they, what do you think about this one coming up?”

“Well I think whoever the players on the pitch, maybe there will be some rotation, but it’s always a game to win. It’s more about the game, it’s about pride — for us, for the club, for all the Spurs fans — it means a lot. But I’m not worried, we’re in spirit, we can do a lot of great performance. So now we must be focused on our recovery.”

“Well, well done today on your best save ever. Thank you.”

“[laughs] Thank you.”

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