Spurs: Aaron Lennon Might Not Deserve Your Love


You know what’s confusing? Why do Spurs fan like Aaron Lennon a lot?

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Deadline Day has not been a banner day for Spurs. Fans are understandably angry at the lack of incoming players, but there is one point of outrage that I simply can’t deal with. Aaron Lennon might not deserve your love, affection or a Testimonial.

Let me admit my bias right off the bat.

I am not a huge fan of Aaron Lennon as a player. He has always struck me as a hard worker and definitely has tons of pace, but I find his lack of end product maddening. I believe he has been a decent player for Spurs, but one better suited for a super sub role or even possibly a move backwards to wingback. I have no issue with Lennon on the field, but I know that many of you think much more highly of him so that may color your feelings.

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I also don’t have any reason to dislike the man personally.

He has been a relatively quiet player who stays out of the public eye and rarely speaks to the press. Truthfully, none of us have a good idea what he is like off the pitch because he has isolated himself. Again, I have no problem with that choice. It’s likely what I’d try to do if I were a professional footballer.

None of us have a reason to dislike the speedy winger, but we also have no reason to believe he is a good man off the pitch either.

This is why the barrage of “Lennon deserved better” tweets today have me so angry. Blaming Poch, Levy or the club for banishing Lennon to train with the youth team and ultimately to Everton only makes sense if you believe that Lennon did very little or nothing wrong. Use common sense here, if Lennon hadn’t done something Pochettino and the club couldn’t forgive, he would still be here. It’s not as if we are blessed with an abundance of attacking talent that makes competent players expendable.

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Poch is paid to help Spurs win matches. You have to believe he is insane to think he jettisoned Lennon without a reason. The infinitely more likely explanation for Lennon’s unceremonious exit from the Club is that he did actually do something the higher ups couldn’t stomach. I won’t conjecture as to what that thing might be because I have zero solid information and don’t want to slander anyone.

The fact that Spurs allowed him to be sold quietly may have been in fact, a merciful gesture of thanks to a long serving player.

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It is highly unlikely that we will ever know the truth about why Lennon fell out with Spurs management and was shipped off to Everton without any fanfare.

The fact that he was sold with almost no publicity is in stark contrast to Michael Dawson’s exit last season is quite telling for me and should tell you a great deal as well. The club doesn’t make a habit of shedding long tenured players in the dead of night. The fact that Lennon’s departure was just this way, should arouse your suspicion.

Is it possible that Lennon did little or nothing wrong? Yes, but if you really believe that, you think Pochettino is willing to ship off a useful player over nothing? He just doesn’t strike me as that type of man. So stop lamenting the departure of Lennon as an example of the club mistreating one of our own. Instead, stop and consider what Lennon might have done to deserve this unceremonious exit.

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