Germany So Disappointed After World Cup Semi-Final


Germany must have been so disappointed, even after scoring 7, in their World Cup semi-final win over Brazil as they ………

Alan’s 2014 Summer Diary No. 15

Tuesday 8 July

Brazil Horizontal in Horizonte

Germany Disappoint in World Cup Semi-final

Germany let themselves down in the World Cup semi-final against Brazil. They must be feeling awful. Despite the hosts being without their talisman Neymar Junior and their suspended captain, Germany could not even keep a clean sheet against them. Sky Sports broadcast statistics which showed that Brazil had more shots on target (13) to Germany’s 12.

David Luiz was Brazil’s new national hero for 2 days after that wonderful free kick just a few days ago. Against Germany we saw him chickening out of crucial tackles and running around like a headless chicken, rampaging forward indiscriminately. Even during such an entertaining game I could not prevent the spectre of Jose Mourinho coming to mind, just like most of last season.

Having witnessed the semi-final, I bet he wishes he had the presence of mind to offload Luiz for a king’s ransom to one of the moneybags European clubs with more money than sense before his defensive frailties were exposed before the whole world…oh, he did, didn’t he?

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Well, did you really think I was going to trot out the same bl**ding obvious article as every other hack about Brazil and Germany?

Wednesday 9 July

Holland versus Argentina was always going to struggle to live up to the first historic semi-final. It was more like watching football chess. The word that came to mind was intriguing. As penalties approached I just had that feeling that Louis Van Gaal and Holland were not going to be lucky twice on the trot and so it turned out. He had to use his 3 subs, so no Tim Krul for the pens.

For me van Gaal’s decision that looked like a master stroke in the quarter final came home to roost tonight. Jasper Cillesen looked like he was trying to enact Krul’s instructions rather than be himself. He was on the back foot or had hardly finished bouncing up and down as most of the pens flashed past him, never for a moment looking like he believed. Sad.

Alex Sabella had done his homework. Watching him all through the tournament he has reminded me of someone else and – then it came to me. Chris Jefferies, the landlord in the tragic Bristol murder case who was so despicably treated by the press. I have never known so many lookey-likeys at one tournament!

Liverpool’s Spending Spree

Has it struck anybody how Liverpool’s spending this summer looks like Tottenham’s last summer?

They have spent so much already, it is clear that they are going to sell Luis Suarez for a fortune and are investing the proceeds before they get them. Just like we did with the Bale 7. At least they can get some Champions League players. Still, their achievements next season will show whether their Champions League place last season was down to having one superstar. It will put the seal one way or the other on Brendan Rodgers’ management.

Thursday 10 July

Hugo Lloris [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Great news for Spurs; contrary to my fears and many rumours that he would depart, Sky Sports News announces this morning that Hugo Lloris has signed a new 5-year contract with Tottenham. He is quoted as crediting the securing of Pochettino as coach as one of his main reasons for doing so. Clever business again by Levy presumably. Even if he did depart, we would get an absolute fortune for him now.

World Cup Semi-Final

Oh all right, for those of you hoping for the standard reaction to the Germany’s victory – this was my genuine first reaction and draft..

I don’t believe what I have just seen.

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Brazil 1 Germany 7!

I’ll just type that again;

Brazil 1 Germany 7.

I said to the wife just before kick-off,

"Well we can’t expect any more entertaining games at this stage. Since the quarter finals the games have been tightening up, there is so much at stake. We can’t complain; the early rounds were so entertaining. Now it’s all about pressure and winning at all cost."

Wrong. Germany go out and get 5 goals in 30 minutes against Brazil. Yes Brazil. In Brazil. Gobsmacked.

All I can say is thank God England got out of there before we had to play them again. It just rubs in how we wasted the time since we beat them 5 – 1, whilst they reorganised their whole national game and created another team of world beaters.

What shocks has this World Cup still got in store for us? Holland must be thinking, “Here we go again…what’s the point?”

And that’s before they play Argentina.