Paul Scholes’ Comments Unhelpful To England World Cup Bid


In the build up to England’s World Cup campaign, Paul Scholes’ comments on Wayne Rooney are unhelpful as Roy Hodgson’s side completes its preparations.

Alan’s Summer Diary – No. 7

Friday 30 May

After the explosion of Spurs-centric publicity over the Pochettino appointment, we have dropped out of the headlines.

Media and England World Cup Campaign

It’s only a week or so since I expressed my concerns for the potential for the media to screw things up for England by publishing negative stories in the run up to and during the World Cup. I wrote,

“This has traditionally been the time when scandal sheet stories came out, Let’s have none of it this time. Fleet Street editors, If you truly love your country and want England to win – and if you do have news of scandals, what harm will it do to sit on them for a month until it is all over?”

Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in fer me.

I’m not saying Wayne needs to be dropped but…

I’m not saying Wayne needs to be dropped but

Sadly, they appear to be at it already. The first example I have spotted is from the papers review on Sky Sports this morning where it reports that the Mirror has published a quote from Paul Scholes saying Wayne Rooney’s performances have been going downhill for the past two seasons. How can saying that now be helping England’s cause? It doesn’t matter if Scholes is right or not.

It’s too late to be persuading Hodgson to leave Rooney out of the squad, so anything we say now should be encouraging him, not putting him down. If Scholes did say it, he must realise it is going to wind Rooney up at best. Shame on him for saying it, shame on the paper for publicising it. It’s not the first dig Scholes has had against a current England player. Fortunately Jack Wilshere responded with maturity to his hatchet job on him.

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Paul Scholes avoided the glare of publicity throughout his Manchester United career. Shame he hasn’t kept it up since he retired from playing. These utterances to the media remind me of his tackles; mistimed, late and clumsy, only hurting everybody concerned. You could understand it if he was Scottish or German.

Tonight it’s the Peru friendly at Wembley. Let’s hope for a win, no injuries and that the press don’t use any setbacks to slaughter the team before they set off abroad.

Transfer News

Meanwhile, the news comes in that Liverpool have signed Ricky Lambert from Southampton. It is a return to his boyhood club 17 years after they let him go as a 15 year old. I think this is a great move for England, Liverpool and Ricky himself. The timing is perfect. Normally you would not want players on England duty to be disturbed by transfer negotiations but this is an exception. It has been sealed before the matches commence and this ringing endorsement will be the icing on the cake for his self-confidence going into the World Cup. Perhaps this what Brendan Rodgers meant by Liverpool rediscovering their soul.

Arsene Wenger has signed a new contract to stay at Arsenal until 2017. A man of his word. There aren’t many of us left.

England v Peru

More from Tottenham News

Friday night…a reasonably comfortable 3-0 victory for England over an under strength Peru. An initially pedestrian performance that was lit up by a world class individual goal from Sturridge. He had missed a few easier chances but persevered, never letting his head drop, a bit like Gareth Bale in the Champions League final. Rooney tried but his flicks and passes mostly didn’t come off. He has a few games to find his top level. England looked better when Sterling came on. Glen Johnson had a bit of a ‘mare apart from his quick thinking on the throw to Sturridge for his goal. No injuries, clean sheet, crowd happy.

Monday 2 June

Well done Roy Hodgson for reminding England players to be seen singing the national anthem like most other nations. Too right. This is not a personal choice issue. You are representing your country here. It is an honour and carries with it obligations. It does not matter whether you like the words or sentiments deep down. Your job is to display loyalty to your country and belting out the anthem, no matter how much out of tune is your duty. If you do not feel that way, fine. Let us know and we’ll pick someone else.

World Cup warm up schedule

Fri 30 May: England v Peru at Wembley

Sat 31 May: England fly to Miami

Wed June 4: England v Ecuador

Sat June 7: England v Honduras

Sun June 8: England fly to Brazil Answer