There’s Support For Tim Sherwood From Tottenham Fans


While the commonly perceived view among many Tottenham fans and in the media is that Tim Sherwood will not be manager of Spurs next season, there are many fans prepared to support the present manager.

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On Thursday, I posed the question, ‘What if Tim Sherwood Was To Be Tottenham Manger next season?‘ to ascertain the level of support for him.

The response to the HotspurHQ Poll shows there is clear backing for Sherwood even if the most vociferous of fans air their views criticising him as they await for his departure from White Hart Lane.

HotspurHQ Poll results:

FOR: 32%
Support Sherwood if other options aren’t available: 18%
Always Support Tottenham whoever is manager: 22%
Indifferent: 2%

While 26% are opposed to Tim Sherwood carrying on as manager, 32% support him with another 18% prepared to support him if other managers aren’t available while another 22% indicated they will continue to support Spurs regardless of who is in charge.

There have also been a variety of responses on social media with many expressing their support for Tim Sherwood on Facebook and Twitter.

Comments  from 2 Tottenham groups on Facebook:  TTWD & COYS and Tottenham Hotspur FC Audere est Facere

In response to Thursday’s post to see if Spurs fans would support Tim Sherwood if he was still Tottenham manager next season, these comments were recorded.

  • YES

Debbie Coakley and Valerie Bale had a simple answer – yes

Chris Randall  Yes. TTID we should stand behind our team not pull it apart as we start to build

Dave Dennison: Definitely. Tim is young, bright and learns quickly. His tally of points won is as good as anybody. As regards our big defeats it may have helped if the refs had not by their own admission sent off our players in error. The team are beginning to bond with a good mix of youth and experience. The best is yet to come….I hope that the board will not be swayed by the pigs in the press or impatient fans.

Chris Randall Well said Dave Dennison

Tim Sherwood [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Phil Thompson Would do if he grows up a bit over the summer and thinks before he opens his mouth.

Martin English Yes I WOULD COYS

Dean Itwasntme Eagles Yes.. in my opinion he’s taken too much blame for the clubs down fall.

Spurs Martin yep course u have no choice we are Spurs we are special

Jay Braham I’d back him 100%, he’s got so much passion and ain’t afraid to tell the players when they are s**t, football needs more of that. I like having a English manager, I think he deserves to see out his contract, who ever comes in next will be the 10th man in 13 years.

Fraser Allen yes of course, however, as much as I admire his honesty he should not say so much in the press.

  • Always Support Tottenham

Paul Demon I will support Spurs as always but like when AVB was in charge I will be unhappy with him at the helm!!!!

Hayley Blake Wouldn’t be completely happy but I gotta back club! Couldn’t stop if I tried!

Craig Seager TTID, may not agree with it but as has been said on many occasions the club is more than one man, Spurs runs in my veins so no matter what happens now or in the future I will always support my team.

Tony Cockerill Yes always Spurs first Coys Ttid

John Rowland You back the manager WHOEVER it is !

David Hall Guess we’d just have to accept it!! What else could we do ? imo l don’t think too many players would stay on tbh could be wrong !!

Steven Sanger If he was to be there next season then I hope he would get the backing of the board and bring stability as that is what we lack.

On Twitter Charlotte Lacey (@lottie_thfc) tweeted:

  • NO!

While there is backing for Sherwood from a section of Tottenham supporters there is a sizable group are opposed to him being at Spurs next season with strong views as to why he should be replaced.

Kylum Kontemeniotis No

Dave Hood No don’t need this feeling next season.

Elliot Byatt No Way… Not Knocking Sherwood ….. but we are a Big Club with (a small stadium) History and Tradition………. we deserve more……. !!!! … he’s done a good interim job…… but he ain’t our answer ….

Antony Spurs Parson Done good job as back up but don’t see him doing much better. Worry cos his team selections and tactics are questionable. Short version bye Tim sorry we at Spurs can do better.

Keith Joseph Kavanagh Dean yes, he’s done OK. However, not a long term solution. Has the best managerial record of any manager in the league since 1882, shame he isn’t calm enough, mouths off, can be tactically clueless and can’t motivate the players consistently.

John Buey Players are not like they were when he was playing hence, I believe, one of his man management problems. He will lose many of our current top players, which again means we would probably struggle next season, maybe mid-table. I believe the likes of Lloris, Vertonghen, Paulinho and Sandro at a minimum would want to leave or even leave. Also maybe Capoue and Chiriches. Obviously only if we could sell them.

I for one would not want to see such an exodus, players have changed over the years, attitudes have changed so we need to be realistic and also change with the footballing times….COYS

Tottenham have two games to the end of the season with Tim Sherwood as manager. Fans are divided over whether he should remain as manager next season or be replaced. Many Spurs supporters will be expecting a speedy announcement terminating his contract shortly after the final match. There is, however, a considerable number of fans prepared to give Sherwood more time in charge but what decision will Daniel Levy take?