What If Tim Sherwood Was To Be Tottenham Manager Next Season?


As another manager, Frank de Boer of Ajax, speaks to the media about Tottenham’s interest in him taking over at Spurs, what if Tim Sherwood was to be manager next season?

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The assumption from the outset has been that Tim Sherwood’s stay as Tottenham manager would be short. Even immediately after his appointment last December, having agreed an 18-month contract, to replace Andre Villas-Boas, few really expected him to be manager at Spurs next season. There was always the thought that he was ‘keeping the seat warm’ for a more illustrious, experienced manager.

Then, prior to the Sunderland match, the news broke on SkySport, from unidentified sources, that Sherwood would be leaving at the end of the season. This re-ignited talk of possible replacements and the fervour of who would be next in line to take control at White Hart Lane. The news was greeted enthusiastically by those fans who have been against Sherwood from the beginning with Spurs message boards and social media rejoicing.

In recent weeks I have written numerous blogs following the list of possible replacements for Sherwood. During the difficult month of March results and performances went against Spurs and damaged Sherwood’s prospects. Since then, however, results have picked up and the uncertainty and confusion surrounding possible replacements has increased. Where it appeared as if everyone was against Sherwood staying in charge, now the climate appears to be changing with more fans suggesting that perhaps the present manager should be given more time.

Tim Sherwood [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Backing for Sherwood

Sherwood has been forthright in his comments in recent weeks which has caused offence and annoyance in some quarters. Many fans, however, were fully behind his criticism of the players for their capitulation in the second half against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. It’s not something that happens very often but what Sherwood said was what the fans had been saying and thinking themselves. The team have suffered too many heavy defeats this season against the top clubs and what Sherwood needed to be said. It doesn’t often happen in public but it was refreshing to hear it.

Certain ‘star’ players haven’t reacted well to being left out of the team but Sherwood was quick to point out that the players had to prove to him in training that they deserved a place in the team. There was talk of friction in the dressing room but the recent results suggest that the players are working for the manager as shown by their recovery from two goals down at home to Southampton and three behind at West Bromwich. Even last Saturday’s win at Stoke demonstrated fighting qualities and endeavour from the Spurs players as the home side tried to get back into the game by whatever means possible.

Sherwood may have upset some folk in the past five months but he has kept the team gathering points in the games where Spurs have been expected to and his team has shown some fight and determination.

This is a comment from Flashman who is supportive of Tim Sherwood. He responded on the article I wrote at the weekend on Spurs search for a new manager after the news that Louis van Gaal was touting himself for the vacancy at Old Trafford.

"Judging by the comments I’ve read over the last few days I am very far from alone, what you hear is the toxic efforts who moan about everything, they are not a majority. Spurs supporters support Sherwood as they should. If you you think Sherwood’s alienated people you should take a look at van Gaal, hopefully Manu can bear the brunt of his lunacy."

On Spurs message boards a growing number of supporters are coming around to the idea that, perhaps, Tim Sherwood should be given more time.

How would you react to news that Tim Sherwood will be Tottenham Manager next Season?

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