Tottenham: Rumours Or Fact As Spurs Put A Smile On Our Faces


On a day of rumours and denials over Tim Sherwood’s future at Tottenham, the players managed to put a smile on our faces with their win over Sunderland.

Monday 7 April 2014

Rumours or Fact?

I awoke from my afternoon snooze and clicked onto Sky Sports News. Their main story is all about Tim Sherwood being told he is definitely out on his ear at the end of the season. Levy strikes again. IF there is any truth in it, this is being almost as badly handled as Martin Jol’s departure. Whether it is right or wrong, the way we go about these things is awful and embarrassing. Don’t we have a PR department? Tim now appears to have been confirmed as a dead man walking which is what we suspected all along. Whether it was the right decision to appoint him in the first place is not now the point. This is no way to treat him now. It would have been better to have left us manager-less after AVB than carry on like this. Do they really think this makes it more likely that we will win the last 6 games?

IF this news is correct, it’s hardly any less ridiculous than my April Fool blog. The average shelf life of a Tottenham manager is no longer than the sell by date on some of the food in my kitchen cupboards.

Sherwood has been our 8th manager since 2001 under Levy; Graham, Hoddle, Santini (only one to resign – after 13 games), Jol sacked after 3 years. Juande Ramos (won League Cup with Jol’s team and hardly a game thereafter, 1 year bottom of table). Harry Redknapp 3 years 8 months.  AVB 18 months. Tim Sherwood, 5 months. So does it really matter who the next one is? If you ignore Martin Jol and Harry, the average time in post is one year and a few weeks. So, whoever it is, the odds are he’ll be gone by 2016.

The official statement as of 6pm is that a club spokesman told Sky,

"The board will meet with Tim Sherwood as would be normal at the end of the season to review how things have progressed.  Anything else at this stage is speculation."

Sky then went on to repeat the speculation as if it is fact. They didn’t reveal their sources or back off from their claims.

Putting a Smile Back on our Face

Gylfi Sigurdsson and Vlad Chiriches [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Logan will no doubt be working on his usual comprehensive match report as I am typing this, so here is a bit of a sideways perspective on the evening.

In my last blog I said,

“By the time this is published and you read it, our victory over Sunderland should either be complete or just about to happen. Sorry Gus.”

Spurs then go on to beat Sunderland 5 – 1. After the usual defensive cock-up early doors.

Here’s my idea of a quote from Vlad Chiriches at half time,

"The manager said he wanted me to perform Michael Dawson’s role. I did what he asked and squared the ball in the first 10 minutes from the touchline for their centre forward to score. Now the manager is all upset. I don’t know why, I was only following orders."

Despite some readers suggesting I don’t know what I’m talking about, I have made a few grand on football bets this year. I bet small amounts occasionally when I get a feel for a result and I never bet against Spurs. Tonight, my nephew put his money where my mouth is. It clearly runs in the family. £20.00 on us to win 5-1 @ 50/1 tonight. Here’s the betting slip. Another grand in the coffers, thank you very much.

5th goal went in. I get a text from him which just says F****, F****,F****.

That’s the first time ever I’ve spent the last minute of a game praying we don’t score!