Tottenham: Another Grand Day Out At White Hart Lane

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Members Club [Photo: Alan Hill]By an hour before kick-off the place was absolutely heaving. I was so thankful we had been able to get there early enough to get a seat at a table.

The lads from South Dorset Spurs had planned to meet me there. I got a text to say they had just left the Gilpin pub and would yell out “Yid army” when they arrived. The idea was that I would stand and wave my seat stick in the air so that they could see where I was and make their way through the crowd to my table. Then, a final text; “Q too long to get in. See you next time”. Shame but then my nephew and his friend Victoria showed up. She is Canadian and a soccer fan and player from a young age. Steve told her we would soon have her calling it football!

After the Final, we had half an hour or so until kick off. Steve and I exited the club via the back door with the assistance of the ever helpful Tottenham staff, our car being parked just out the back, through a gate.

It was absolutely freezing in the car park. On with the hoodie under the gilet and rain jacket. I was able to recharge my batteries sat in the car.