Tottenham: Another Grand Day Out At White Hart Lane

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Members club [Photo: Alan Hill]We gained access just as the gates were unlocked revealing the club entrance and the doors were opened.

Most people seem to refer to the club as a marquee but it is more than that. I think of a marquee as a tent but this is like double width portakabin units joined together and with a pitched shiny waterproof material roof. Not sure I’d fancy it much in the recent storms but it seems to have survived them OK.  It is already kitted out with a bar, a hot dog / burger counter, three large TV screens and round dining tables and chairs for the lucky ones who arrive early. We had our pick, so settled down to watch the League Cup Final with a coffee and a snack as an hors d’oeuvre prior our main event; the Cardiff game.

I asked one of the hostesses for some details about the Lillywhite Club. Steve had just become a Lillywhite member and the lads at the main entrance had told us there was a Lillywhite Club on the first floor inside the stadium. She introduced me to Geoff Green, the Spurs Catering Director. He explained that the Lillywhite Club, contrary to what the name suggests is not for Lillywhite members. It is more exclusive and involves payment in advance of an annual fee for exclusive access. However, he told me that there were enhancements planned for the new Members Club we were sitting in. Spurs Legends including Pat Jennings and Graham Roberts have signed up to put in guest appearances prior to games and there is a plan to install 8 TV screens. So if you fancy some Spurs – centric hospitality before the game, join up. I think it is good that they are providing this sort of facility in the interim period before the new stadium is built. Let’s hope for something similar but more permanent in the new White Hart Lane.