Tottenham: Another Grand Day Out At White Hart Lane

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Spurs Shop [Photo: Logan Holmes]Hard choices and a present

As we approached the Spurs shop, I said to Steve, “don’t worry I am not going to drag you round the shop again today”. Then “It can’t do any harm just to look in the window…Then “Actually since we have come all this way, it would be silly not to just have a quick look round – look they’ve got a sale on.” Steve’s eyes roll back in his head, “I’ll tell Sue”. Me: “No worries, she’ll see the bill anyway if I spend any money. Oh look they have got hoodies with a zip right down the front…I’ve been wanting one in XXL for ages” 5 minutes later we resume our search for to the members’ club entrance; me £40 poorer, holding a big Spurs plastic carrier bag containing said hoodie.