Tottenham: Another Grand Day Out At White Hart Lane

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A Touch of Culture

Fran and Adrian weren’t coming to the game though. They had tickets for the opera. La Boheme “in the round” at the Royal Albert Hall. They were going with Steve and Fran’s daughter who planned to meet them at Seven Sisters Tube and then travel across London. I was impressed. I’ve tried but opera is beyond me. Like Del Boy’s girlfriend, I thought Carmen was a hair dryer.

Boheme – a touch of culture

The journey went fine and I was able to help with my London knowledge and we drove down Tottenham High Road to drop them off. I knew it was going to be a good day when we saw Steve’s daughter cross the pelican crossing in front of us to meet them.  Stage 1 of the day successful.

Back down the High Road, right into Bill Nicholson Way and-yes!  A couple of disabled spaces were free just inside the gates. What a difference that makes to me, you wouldn’t believe.  One of the benefits of making the effort to get there 3 hours before kick-off.  As usual, the Spurs staff couldn’t be more helpful. We get directions to the new Members’ Club which you can see through the high barrier fence but access is through a circuitous route out into the High Road, into Tottenham Square and through screened gates at the side of the burger stand!