Tottenham: Another Grand Day Out At White Hart Lane

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Emmanuel Adebayor [Photo: Alan Hill]As the sat nav showed that it had taken an agonising 45 minutes to progress 0.1 miles up the High Road, Steve made an interesting observation: “If this is how long it takes when there are only 36,000 people leaving, what’s it going to be like when there are 60,000 coming out of the new stadium?”

Thank goodness for Steve’s driving ability. Yet again the 120 mile drive home was through a rain storm in the dark. At one point as a car overtook us it hit standing water and sent up a wave, like a massive bucket load being thrown over the windscreen. We were driving blind at 70 miles an hour for a few seconds. Many drivers would have lost it and we could have ended up in a ditch.

Home safe at 10.30 Just over 12 hours after we set off. Quite a day. Thanks Steve and Fran.