The evening didn’t get off to a great start, football-wise. First text was from me to ..."/> The evening didn’t get off to a great start, football-wise. First text was from me to ..."/> The evening didn’t get off to a great start, football-wise. First text was from me to ..."/>

Tale of the texts: FC Dnipro v Tottenham at White Hart Lane


The evening didn’t get off to a great start, football-wise. First text was from me to my mate Big Welsh Steve.

Me: Just had letter admitting the wife to hospital for her double op on 14 March, so that’s our trip to the Arsenal game F*cked. We’d better make the most of it on Sunday. Just had an e-mail from Logan. He is in the Press box, with a welcome pack, free sarnies and Wi-Fi.

Steve: Gutted for you. Shame but main thing is Sue getting well.

Me: D’oh. Yes of course.

(Regular readers will know we had to cancel going to the Everton game when my wife was discharged from hospital that morning)

Tonight Logan was in the press box at White Hart Lane working hard on his report on what turned out to be another one of those dramatic European nights. My nephew Richard was at a charity event so could not be in his usual seat at the game. He was relying on me for updates.

I think this tale of the texts captures the drama and confusion of a Spurs fan(atic) desperately trying to keep on top of a rapidly changing situation whilst fulfilling an obligation at a function across town.

It went like this…

Richard: Hi can’t go to the game as at a charity event but can we get the Wi-Fi code as I can get it from my seat but I don’t have the password.

(I couldn’t manage it, so decided to update him by text).

Me: Same old same old. 0-0. Just kicked off second half.

Me: 1 – 0 Dnipro. Header from free kick. 9.15 Thurs 27 Feb 2014. The moment our season ended. Lloris, Vertonghen, Paulinho, Sandro will all be planning their exits.

Me: 1 – 1 Eriksen free kick. Too little too late. Need 3 – 1. Never going to happen.

Me: 2 – 1 Adebayor. Just prior to that their goal scorer got sent off for nutting Vertonghen whilst we were waiting to take a free kick.

Me: 3 – 1 Adebayor again. Great leap. Took it on the chest, smashed it past the goalie. 20 mins. I still reckon they’ll score. All of a sudden Dnipro have stopped time-wasting.

Richard: Wow only just seen texts!!!

Me: 5 mins and counting.

Me: 3.5 and counting…

Me: Free kick. Edge of our area this is it.

Richard: Extra time/penalties?

Me: No they’ll win

Me: We don’t have away goal

Me: Lloris saves free kick.

Me: 50 secs. Our free kick.Their half.

Me: Time up. Whistle not gone.

Me: F*ck me. We have won!

Richard: How??

Me: Because we were 3-1 up. See earlier texts. If they got one back it would have been 3-3 on aggregate and they would be through on away goals. I was sure they would but they didn’t!

Richard: Ah OK! Haha amazing.

Me: It was Lloris saving that free kick at the end that sealed it.

Richard: Smiley face.

Me (To Steve): My God. Did you see that?

Steve: Yeh. What specifically though?

Me: I texted Richard at 9.15 to say our season was over and then 3 goals in 13 mins. Oh my heart…

Steve: Don’t worry you will be 3 up at ht on Sunday and totally relaxed. Big smiley. (he is driving us up to the game)

Me: Ha ha. Let’s just hope for an entertaining game.

For anyone who enjoyed this tale of the texts, the event Richard missed the game for was for the Beat charity which helps youngsters with eating disorders. Here is a link if you’d like to donate or just want to know more about it..

Editor: Tim Sherwood is expecting a tough game against Cardiff on Sunday. They have players who can win games and they will be battling for their lives. He is cautious but expects to win, hoping that the win over Dnipro will create a platform for the remainder of Tottenham’s season starting against Cardiff.