Tottenham: We Didn’t Deserve To Win Against Everton But We’ll Take it


Goodbye Jermain (1) [Photo: Alan Hill]A round-up of the weekend’s football as Tottenham didn’t deserve to beat Everton but we’ll gratefully take the three points.

Alan’s Season 2013-14 Diary continued

Sunday 9 February

Fast forward again to Sunday afternoon.

I honestly don’t have anything against Manchester United. By most standards of definition they are England’s greatest club. But after decades of success and many times when luck seems to have gone their way more often than seems fair, you have to see the funny side of their recent misfortunes. I have to admit to laughing like a drain when Fulham’s equaliser went in at Old Trafford on Sunday.

It was the combination of all the circumstances that I found so funny and the fact that it seemed to unfold in slow motion so that you could anticipate the final coup de grace. The way that ball looped up into the air towards Darren Bent as he adjusted his position and waited for it to fall allowed you to see in your mind’s eye how the next few seconds were about to unfold and for the grin to build on your face. It was just the opportunity that even he could not miss. He has added to his catalogue of glaring misses in recent games but all he had to do to score this time was fall forward flat on his face so that his head would hit the ball from two yards out into the empty net. He did exactly that with aplomb.

Harry and Sandra would have been so proud. No doubt the campaign for his reinstatement into the England squad for Brazil will now gather momentum. I can see it now; the new international striking partnership of Bent and Carroll. Carroll knocks ‘em down (the defenders that is) and Bent scores from a yard out (some of the time).

Darren Bent scores at OT [Photo: Alan Hill]

Juan Mata [Photo: Alan Hill]I didn’t notice many people giving Lewis Holtby the credit he deserved for the fantastic ball he floated in for Fulham’s first goal and his generally assured performance overall.

The stunned look on Mata’s face as the final whistle blew leaving Chelsea top of the Premiership was priceless. It could be summed up as “Oh God, what have I done?”

The Glums Part II : a continuing story of Manchester folk

Two definitions for you. Everyone has heard of Fergie time. You could define it as,

“The period of approximately 10 minutes at the end of a football game including added time when a goal is scored to rescue a point or win the match. Often demonstrated by Manchester United under Alex Ferguson.”

I have come up with a new term that I hope will take off; Moyesie time. I define it thus;

“The period of approximately 10 minutes at the end of a football game including added time when a goal is conceded to change the result for the worse. Often demonstrated by Manchester United under David Moyes”.

David Moyes’ post-match interview continued the theme from his previous one in that it included some honest comments about the situation, rather than the bluster and complaints about referees that dominated earlier ones.

"Today was as bad as it gets…being 1 – 0 down was bad enough …albeit we could have been two at one point…how we didn’t win the game comfortably I have no idea. I‘ve been on this now for 6 months. That’s what it feels like."

Alex Ferguson’s face was Simply Red.

SAF’s face was Simply Red [Photo: Alan Hill]“Yeah you could use maybe, maybe a mental softness that we didn’t see the job out and get the job done. I would agree with that”.

Let’s hope the “mental softness” comment does not lead to the return to disgruntled United players committing off the ball fouls which were thankfully much less evident in the Fulham game.

Everton Game

[Photo: Alan Hill]

[Photo: Alan Hill]The look on Tottenham players’ faces made my day in spite of everything. Especially the fine send-off they gave to Jermaine Defoe as they carried him shoulder high from the pitch. Their expressions were a welcome contrast to those of the United players a few hours later.

The luck certainly went our way against Everton. It was the opposite of when we should have had 6 against Newcastle earlier in the season. Emmanuel Adebayor continues his rehabilitation. I still feel uncomfortable about us putting all our eggs in that particular basket. I had a text from my man in the Upper West Stand, “We didn’t deserve it but we’ll take it.” Too right.

Adebayor celebrates [Photo: Alan Hill]Monday 10 February

My turn for a trip to the hospital for a brain scan to check if my renewable tumour has started to regrow. Today’s taxi driver was the wife of another driver who often takes me to my regular appointments. Ironically, the firm they drive for is called United Taxis. By coincidence they are both Spurs fanatics, as is their son. “Are you the Spurs supporter? She said. They had been up to yesterday’s game and she consoled me by saying “you didn’t miss much”. She spoke with real fondness for the Harry Redknapp era, saying how much more enjoyable it was to attend home games back then.  So Tim, nothing to be ashamed of if you try and emulate his approach rather than AVB’s.

The games are coming thick and fast. Newcastle on Wednesday.  Lady Luck owes us a win against them too.