Frustrating Night For Tottenham In Defeat By Manchester City


Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary continued

Wednesday 29 January: We concede another 5. This time at home against Manchester City. Before the game I really did think we might get a draw but I was a bit worried when Emmanuel Adebayor was frozen out of the pre-kick-off group search for Hugo’s contact lens.

“Aw, come on lads, let me in” [Photo: Alan Hill]Logan has posted his customary comprehensive match report.  I received a text from my man on the spot before the end of the 1st half. It was just one word “Masterclass”. That said it all really. Michael Dawson wasn’t offside for his disallowed goal but Adebayor was and could have distracted the goalie. It was a similar situation to the disallowed Newcastle goal the other week but unlike Alan Pardew and the Newcastle fans, Tim Sherwood did not go mental about it. He was equally sanguine about the fact that Danny Rose got the ball from the side and was unlucky to be penalised and get a red card.

Rose clears the ball [Photo: Alan Hill]Having said that we actually had our share of luck too. Particularly when Benteleb caught the ball in the penalty area, juggled it at head height before finally dropping it and the ref didn’t give hand ball.

Bentaleb handba;; [Photo: Alan Hill]The first one may have been ball to hand but what about the next three? You’ve got to see the funny side.

At least we did get a goal this time. Capoue, rumoured to be on his way, lashed one into the net having already made us seem a bit more solid in midfield.

Capoue’s goal [Photo: Alan Hill]

Frustration for Kyle Walker [Photo: Alan Hill]After the last goal goes in emotions are high. The expression on a tired Kyle Walker’s face as he looks over to the bench says “What? Come on, don’t blame me”.

Don’t get too downhearted. City are doing this to everyone at the moment. They have now pushed Arsenal back to second.

Other Premier League Games

Stoke lose again. This time to Sunderland. They didn’t take their chances and only rallied after the sending off. Mark Hughes blamed the ref as usual. Keeps using phrases like “the ref fell for it.”  He is similarly unlucky at every club he goes to. I think he has well established now, that if they do go down, it will be anybody’s fault but his. Just like his old mucker Paul Ince. I googled them together and was amazed to see the strength of feeling expressed in articles about their behaviour. I look on it with wry amusement but some journalists have really gone overboard down the years, in particular the Mirror as far back as 2008 and Louise Taylor for the Guardian recently, referring to it as the “narky narcissism of the precious, pampered group prowling football’s touchlines”

[Photo: Alan Hill]Meanwhile West Ham understandably park the bus and despite Chelsea having a record 39 shots at goal, it ends 0-0 and Sam Allardyce comes away with a precious point. These are the games that decide championships and relegations. All credit to them. Mourinho’s post – match reaction was predictable and personal with a face to go with it,

"His objective was not come here and play good football. It was not to come here and try to win… This is not Premier League. This is not the best League in the World. This is football from the 19th century."

[Photo: Alan Hill]When told of this, a spruced up Sam Allardyce’s face beamed.  Immaculate in a suit and tie, he erupted with perhaps slightly forced delight.

“Ahhahaha! I knew he would. He can’t take it can he? He can’t take it, he just can’t take it. Because we have out-tacticed him, we’ve outwitted him. Eh? You know what I mean? He just can’t cope can he? So, there we go”.

Reporter: “He did tell you”. Sam: “I know. He can tell me all he wants. I don’t give a f*ck to be honest with you”.

Aston Villa came back from 0-2 down to beat West Brom 4 – 3 in what was probably the game of the night. Cardiff lost their third on the trot yesterday to stay bottom but they have been to three of the best teams. The latest defeat was to Manchester United with a returning Van Persie and new signing Juan Mata. Most of the teams down there – Norwich, Sunderland, Cardiff and Stoke have to play each other over the next month or so. I think Cardiff will come out of that run in a much better position. Solskjaer may well turn out to be the first ex-Ferguson player to really prove himself as a top quality manager. Time will tell. It really is dog eat dog down there.