Alan’s Diary: Weekly Round Up Of Tottenham And Football News


MISS! Darren Bent [Photo: Alan Hill]Season 2013-14 Diary continued

Monday 13 January  

Transfer Rumours

Sky News says Lewis Holtby could be on his way back to Germany, possibly Schalke.

Correction: I’ve just looked again at the original unblurred video footage of Alan Pardew shouting at Pellegrini. He didn’t call him a c*nt. He called him a f*cking old c*nt. Lovely. It shows the FA aren’t really serious about the respect campaign. They haven’t even charged him. So that’ll be all right if I use the same language as the linesman runs past me in our next home game then? Like f*ck it will.

Transfer News 2

Napoli are said to have bid £6m for Etienne Capoue.

Friday 17 January

Tim Sherwood confirms in a Press conference that he does place Nabil Benteleb ahead of Etienne Capoue and Lewis Holtby in selection because he knows him better from his work with the under 21s. He said that neither of them has been any trouble and that he is still getting to know some of the new signings.

Ryan Fredericks goes on loan for 3 months to Millwall. Of course, that’s now Ian Holloway. He’s not hanging about.


Emmanuel Adebayor gives a lengthy interview on Sky where he tells the story of the personal tragedy and trauma he has suffered, from the terrorist attack in 2010 on the Togo coach, the loss of his brother just over a year ago and a really dodgy flight with his national team. All of this meant he did not perform for a year and ending up training with the stiffs.

He said his country is so important to him and he sends much of the money he makes to help out hospital projects etc. That explains why he said he had retired from international football before he signed his Spurs contract and then changed his mind when the African Cup came along.  Indirectly Spurs and Manchester City have probably been one of Togo’s major benefactors for the past few years, whilst he was taking time out to recover from the stress. I am sure he is grateful for that support and will repay it in kind now he is back in the team after his long break. On a lighter note, he reveals his real first name is not Emmanuel, it’s Shey!


I’m pleased to see that Alan Pardew has apologised yet again for what he said to Pellegrini and that he is going to do some things for charity as a penance. He also said that Mbewa has written to apologise for his bad tackle on Nasri.

David Moyes has been fined the same pittance for his criticism of the ref as Brendan Rogers was; £8,000. At least the FA has been consistent, if gutless. Their respect policy is about as effective as the swear box we used to have at work. Before long, managers will be writing out a cheque for thousands in advance before really letting rip. Many players spend more money on bets on the coach on the way to a game.

Saturday 18 January

Greg Dyke – Yawn! [Photo: Alan Hill]Full time – I only get 4 out of 6 of my Super 6 predictions right. I thought West Ham would get a draw against Newcastle and Hull would beat Norwich with their new signings. Well done Chris Hughton. 12th? Take a photo of the table quick mate.

Greg Dyke doesn’t even bother to stifle his yawn watching this one.

Well done too to Tony Pullis who rubbed Stoke’s noses in it. Must have been very satisfying.

Man City gets another 4 making it 103 for the season so far but it’s not easy for them against Cardiff who poach two for themselves. If Navas isn’t very careful with that goal celebration of his, he will end up having to have the corner flag surgically removed. Makes your eyes water.

Navas [Photo: Alan Hill]

Navas [Photo: Alan Hill]Arsenal stay top by doing Fulham 2-0 but some of the most interesting results today are in the Championship. Harry’s QPR get a late win to go second. Blackpool lose again. The fans seem to have turned against Paul Ince. I don’t think it will be long before he is out of work and falling on his stock excuses. Never his fault.  There have also been rumours of Tom Ince going to Monaco. That would be a sad waste of talent, putting money before the prospect of developing his career towards an England place.

An interesting stat would be how many ex Fergie Man United players have lost their jobs by being sacked or “mutual consent” at how many management and coaching jobs since the inception of the Premier League.

Suarez [Photo: Alan Hill]John Henry, the Liverpool owner attends his first Anfield game since he appointed Brendan Rogers. That’s according to the commentator on Sky. I could have sworn I’d seen him there before. He sees Aston Villa play classic counter attacking football to go 2-0 up. Suarez nearly loses those gnashers to an elbow in the face and then Sissoko balloons it wide when Suarez is standing unmarked on the penalty spot. Liverpool get one back in the 47th minute after typical interplay between Suarez, Henderson and Sturridge. Almost the last kick of the 1st half. The game ends up a draw after Suarez gets the benefit of the doubt on a penalty decision. We could make up another 2 points on them tomorrow.

Oo-err Misses

Just seen MOTD. Darren Bent up to his old tricks against Arsenal. Harry Redknapp and Sandra would have loved this.

Oh Sandra! [Photo: Alan Hill]Carlton Cole and Andy Carroll just as accurate for West Ham. These are the moments that make all the difference as you circle the plug.

MISS! Andy Carroll [Photo: Alan Hill] MISS! Carlton Cole [Photo: Alan Hill]***None of that from Soldado on Sunday, thanks very much.