Arsenal To Win the Premier League And Other Thoughts – Alan’s Diary


Alan’s 2013-14 Season Diary no. 21

Sat 9 November 2013

Plenty to make me smile already. Today’s Carry On moment – Football Focus in discussing goalkeepers refusing to celebrate when they score against opposing goalkeepers, the presenter says to Mark Bright , “A touch on the chin, a touch on the bum, you’ll celebrate anything”.  The look on his face was a picture…

Saturday Results

“Mourinho is now a loser at Stamford Bridge. Despite having two World Class teams in their squad, Chelsea seem to have become victims of the old syndrome of running out of steam the weekend after a game in Europe. Must look out for that next time around for my Super 6 prediction.”

I started typing that in the 91st minute. I’ve left it in because it’s the perfect example of the wonder of football, more than any other sport. How everything changes in a second. Surprises, excitement and controversy. I should have known better but I wrote Chelsea off and they have just announced the penalty at Stamford Bridge on Final Score…Edin Hazard back from his internal suspension. Goal, 2-2. Bloody Hell. Football eh? Now who used to say that?

Wow, this is going to fuel all the press articles for days to come. Why was there an extra 4 minutes? Why did the ref give a pen? Garth Crooks has already bemoaned the fact they are turning football into a non–contact sport.

Liverpool don’t have that Europe distraction and score another 4. Southampton scoring for fun too. They all go past Spurs, dropping us into 6th place in the blink of an eye. Yet another Sunday where we find ourselves in the Carry On Up the Khyber position i.e. having to come from behind to regain our position.

Chris Hughton [Photo: Alan Hill]Norwich vs. West Ham coming up.  I don’t have a feeling for this one either way. Big Sam has been doing his level best to put the pressure on Chris Hughton in the media. 0-1 down and not at the races at half time. 3-1 full time. What a second half turn around. That’s the way to save your job. Well done Chris.

Reasons to be cheerful, Part 3

A “tough watch” – BBC commentator on Aston Villa vs. Cardiff. Does that mean the ref’s watch? Is it shock-proof? The latest variation on the “Big Ask” grammar controversy.

Favourite bit of commentary from MOTD on Aston Villa vs. Cardiff City. “Theophile Catherine –close friends get to call him TC”. Ha ha.  All together now, “Top Cat, the indisputable leader of the gang”. Isn’t it about time they made a Top Cat Movie? They’ve done it for Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear already. Talking of cartoons…

Political incorrectness alert, with a doff of the hat to the Fast Show. I’m confusing lookey-likeys Mauricio Pochettino whose nose surely grows each time he pretends he can’t speak English and Pinocchio. No strings on him either.  “Eth eth etth etth etheth. Eth eth ethetheth. Don’t speak English like. Ethh etth eth eth eth eth eth eth  Yeah right. Eth eth eth eth eth eth eth eth eth. Howard’s Way, Micky Channon Premier League easy-peasy. Eth eth eth eth eht eht ethethetheth. Off to Barcelona next summer. Scorchio!

The BT European football deal

I read an article in the Times business section about a week ago revealing how the existing BT deal for some Premiership games and their new Sports channel had already been a success by boosting the take up of their broadband internet. I was still knocked sideways by yesterday’s announcement and the scale of the deal. They have out Sky’d Sky, paying double the amount in the current deal for the rights to all European games, including the Europa League. The figures are mind-boggling. Only a game? Not anymore.

Sunday 10 Nov

Put my money where my mouth is? No way, not this time. This is another one of those paragraphs I am writing before the event but if things don’t turn out the way I believe, I’ll print it anyway. It’s too easy for Sports pundits to come across all clever after the event. What am I referring to? Arsenal.

For weeks all the pundits on TV have expressed the same view. Everyone says that despite being clear at the top of the Premiership, they won’t win it. They have collapsed in recent years in the second half of the season. They haven’t played all the best teams yet. I hate to admit it but I disagree. I think they will win it.

Their only real problem will be fixture pile up from March onwards. The right signings to strengthen the squad in January may even sort that. If it wasn’t Arsenal I would be putting a substantial bet on at the bookies right now at 4-1. I will still feel the same if they don’t beat Man Utd but I think they will get at least a draw at Old Trafford. But I won’t bet on Arsenal. Just like I wouldn’t visit Highbury and won’t go to the Emirates either.

I am typing this sentence at 10.25 am on Sunday just before watching Tottenham vs. Newcastle. Unless we finally click and are 3-0 up by half time, I’ll enjoy the Man Utd Arsenal game much more. No stress.