Tottenham Get Dutch Master’s Seal Of Approval


Alan’s 2113-14 Season Diary 4
Spurs get Dutch master’s seal of approval

Johan Cruyff has expressed his approval of Tottenham’s style of play. In discussing the transfer of Eriksen in an interview broadcast on Sky yesterday he said,

"It is very important that he comes to a club where he can show his qualities. It is more important to choose the right club than the money. I think he is talented enough to see these two different things."

Tottenham 2013-14 – a new team at White Hart Lane [Jav The_DoC_66]I bet there are a few players at Chelsea including Willian, who I now think of as Welliwon’t, (sign that is) who are pondering those words after their team crashed and burned in the European Super Cup last night.

I thought Lukaku could be the new Drogba – but what a contrast with Drogba’s Cup winning penalty we saw in his stuttering run up and weak attempt, handing the trophy to Bayern. Let’s hope for Mourinho’s sake the last minute purchase of Eto’o will give them the power they lack up front instead.

Jan Vertonghen has described Eriksen as technically the most gifted player he has ever played with. Lamela has been described as the Argentinian Christian Ronaldo. He scored 15 goals in Serie A last season.

Sky Sports News announces that of one magazine’s top 100 rated players to look out for in the transfer window 7 have already moved to White Hart Lane this season. Jamie Redknapp was saying that despite all of this, he thinks Tottenham will be worse off without Bale when the going gets tough in a couple of month and we are looking for inspiration. We have to hope it can be found amongst these new signings and the determination of Andros Townsend to be the new Gareth Bale. AVB  has been provided with the resources. Let’s hope he can forge a successful team out of this attractive looking squad.

Sat 31 August.
Another great goal in a cameo appearance by Tom Ince for Blackpool. I still think he would make a great final signing for us.

Sun 1 September.
Wayne Rooney has sustained a head injury in an accidental collision with Manchester United Team mate Phil Jones. He will miss today’s game against Liverpool and possibly the England World Cup qualifiers. Thankfully, there is no question of any brain damage.

We lose the North London derby 1-0 to Arsenal. They just about deserve it. Capoue carried off, sucking on oxygen with what looks like an ankle injury.

AVB conceded that Wenger was right when he said in a pre-match press conference that it takes time to get new signings to gel into a team. Full report in separate blogs. AVB leaves his post-match interview to go straight to a press conference where he confirms that Gareth Bale has finally left for Real Madrid.

Monday 2 September.
Transfer deadline day. Oh yes pu-lease! The headline story on the back of the Sun is that we are buying Tom Ince for £10 million and will loan him back to Blackpool for the rest of the season. I’ve been begging Daniel Levy to sign him since the last transfer window. This would be the best deal for Tom, Blackpool, Spurs and England. (Shame, they had that wrong, didn’t happen after all).

You may have thought I was joking when I wrote in my “goodbye Gareth” blog that we should insert a buy-back clause just in case it didn’t work out. Well the first major announcement this morning is that AC Milan have got Kaka back on a free. Only a few seasons ago, they sold him to Real Madrid for a world record fee. He hardly got a look in and he has now gone back home. Never say never again.

Early morning rumours are that our interest in the Hulk is not dead. (Another one that didn’t work out).

Last minute deals
Crikey, Mourinho doesn’t mess about. He gave the potential new Drogba his chance but Lukaku screwed up the penalty that cost Chelsea the European Super Cup. Days later Mourinho sells him to Everton. Lukaku looked shocked in his post transfer interview. There’s ruthless for you.

24 hours ago, I thought our position relative to our main rivals had improved considerably over last season but a flurry of last minute signings have changed all that.

Wenger final delivered on his promise of a World Class signing for Arsenal, splashing the cash in a way he has never done before on Ozil. We sold a world class player to Real Madrid. Arsenal bought one from them. Liverpool signed 3 players, including Moses from Chelsea and have kept Suarez. Man United got Fellaini. They may have been forced to pay through the nose but they have finally improved on the squad that romped away with last year’s title.

Wednesday 4 September
Wow, Greg Dyke has just made the sports speech of the century about England. Fantastic, just what was needed. Very courageous. The knives will be out for him now and he knows it. Despite that, he has said what had to be said if we are ever to turn England around. If I was 20 years younger I would ditch my career and beg for a post to work for his team to bring his aims about. I am hereby asking every fan who cares about England to flood the FA, the Premier League, their club, their  MP, the media, Facebook and Twitter with messages of support. They all need to know how true English people feel and how important this is to us. Much more to come from me on this one in a future blog.