Time For Tom Carroll To Replace Scott Parker In Tottenham Team


The energetic display offered forward by talented, young, play-maker Tom Carroll was one of the shining lights from an otherwise diminutive weekend performance by Tottenham. Scott Parker has struggled this season, his performances reflecting this, he seems nothing more than a means to an end, hardly likely to feature above Sandro next season and with reports of Andre Villas-Boas going back in for Joao Moutinho, his time is clearly limited at the club. Had the injury not taken place to Sandro, perhaps he could have even reunited with Harry Redknapp at QPR in the January transfer window.

Scott Parker – is it time to bring in Tom Carroll? [Photo: Jav The_DoC_66]Article written by Charlie Bee:

Despite his shortcomings this year, the tenacious attitude of Scott Parker  served us so well in the more conventional 4-4-2 (or 4-4-1-1) offered up by Redknapp, his defensive abilities freeing up space for Luka Modric to pull the strings further up the pitch. The deep lying back-line allowed pressure to be consistently built upon the defence, giving the attackers time in our half, something which he excelled in breaking up. However, his role this season is much more based around that of a complete midfielder; someone who can both attack and defend in equal measures, as shown through Moussa Dembele’s solid run of form this season. AVB has always outlined his desire for a midfield trio, two sitting and one in the Van Der Vaart-esque role, assisting the striker. Whilst it’s unclear who is preferred in this role (Gareth Bale taking up the position in recent weeks) Gylfi Sigurdsson seems more suited to this than a wider role as has been the case for the previous run of games. The more important issue seems to be with this defensive midfield role, although currently offered to Parker, it’s games like against Fulham that highlight how little he actually does offer to the team.

Much in the mould of Steffen Freund and Didier Zokora, Parker has failed to score for Spurs and whilst neither Carroll or Dembele are goal threats every game they do provide a much stronger attacking outlet than he does. The inclusion of Tom Carroll in his position would sacrifice defensive capabilities for the team as a whole but would offer a much stronger attacking and creative outlet. We are hardly as leaky this season as we were last season, conceding the fewest shots on goal from any team in the Premier League. Whilst defending doesn’t seem to be the key, creating chances does. Bale’s recent run of incredible form has produced some wonder strikers, which have masked over some poor performances. The return of Jermain Defoe who conforms more to the finisher role than Adebayor would perhaps link up with Carroll more than Parker, creating runs off the ball and more importantly providing another goal threat to the team which of recent weeks has been consistently lacking.

Whether the inclusion of Tom Carroll would be detrimental upon Dembele is another matter. No other top European team plays without a recognised holding player and who would assume Parker’s position of sitting deeper. However, this is where the high line starts to come into its own, the requirement of a defensive player less pronounced as in a deep lying defence. Whilst Dembele has the pace and stamina to cover forwards and backwards, whether the role suits him remains to be seen.

What is clear, however, is that change is needed, Parker being one of the weakest links in the team with what he provides as a whole, should therefore make way. It’s clear the side lacks a creative outlet from deeper in the pitch and whilst Holtby is less suited to this role; Tom Carroll is the prime candidate to take up this position. Whilst it’s easy to overreact in the face of two defeats, this seems more a practical solution than a sweeping change and one that could help us cement Champions League qualification.