Alan Mullery was fit to captain England. [Photo: Logan Holmes]

Odd Injuries Which Players Have Picked Up! Summer Diary

Wayne Rooney’s returned home with an injury. Over the years players have suffered some strange and unexpected injuries which have prevented them from playing. Take care!

Summer Diary 13

Agar the ‘Orrible.

Ashton Agar clung to the crease like jelly in a petri dish in the first Ashes Test. I broke off from watching it on the box when Australia were 4 wickets down for less than 100, thinking it made England’s total look not so bad after all and expecting England to get an innings victory. I was shocked then, when I caught the news in the evening to find that young Ashton Agar, the debutant bowler had single-handedly rescued Australia with a World record 98, batting at number 11. Strewth. Well done mate, game on.

Unlucky Wayne?

An injury is an injury, I know.  Doesn’t it strike you as odd though that Wayne Rooney is back home already after picking up a hamstring injury in his first training session on Man Utd’s Far Eastern tour? If an injury could ever be described as fortunate and perfect timing, this is it. It no doubt means both he and United have met their contractual commitments because technically, he went on the tour.  No one would suggest he or the club should be sanctioned for picking up such an unfortunate injury, despite the massive disappointment it will be to all their Asian fans and sponsors. It may even mean that a claim can be made on an insurance policy somewhere. Man Utd fans will be relieved that David Moyes clearly stated he is staying with United next season because otherwise Rooney would find it much easier to negotiate a move with his agent whilst at home with his feet up for the next month than he would on the Asian Tour. Everyone will also understand if he starts the season overweight and out of condition because how can the poor guy possibly stay in peak condition if he can’t run around?  Wake up and smell the coffee everybody.

Another cloud with a silver lining for the player involved is Luis Suarez’s ban for the unfortunate biting incident that has given him time off to try and negotiate a move from Liverpool. He has now come out and admitted he wants a move away because he wants Champions League football. Don’t we all?

Be careful out there!

You need to be careful during these summer breaks. It’s so easy to pick up an injury doing something that seems ordinary to anyone else. I remember stories of players picking up all sorts of odd injuries. For Spurs of course, the worst example was Carlo Cudicini getting knocked off his motorbike but there have been many other examples off duty mishaps.

Alan Mullery missed England’s 1964 tour of South Africa after cricking his back while shaving.

David Seaman once broke a bone reaching for his TV remote.

Dave Beasant was kept out by a foot injury caused by a falling jar of salad cream. Yes, he fumbled it, and because his hands were full he stuck out a foot to stop it hitting the floor!

Robbie Keane ruptured his knee cartilage after stretching to pick up his TV remote control.

David Batty’s return from an Achilles tendon injury was put back when he was run over by his toddler on a tricycle.

Allan Nielsen missed several matches after his daughter poked him in the eye

Take Care!

[Photo: Alan Hill]

As fans, we must be just as careful. Last week my Tottenham season ticket-holding nephew, on a 3 month sabbatical in California turned round from taking some snaps of the wonderful views to find a bear rifling through his rucksack to get at his Pringles.  Can you imagine Gareth Bale having to send in the text? “Umm sorry boss, happy to sign my new contract but I thought I should let you know – I’ve just been savaged by a bear…”

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