Tottenham signing may not be eligible for Premier League, reports

Spurs already have a number of players signed and prepped to walk through the door this summer, but for one in particular, there could be complications.
Luka Vuskovic of Radomiak seen during the Polish PKO...
Luka Vuskovic of Radomiak seen during the Polish PKO... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

After a season of ups and downs through good spells of win streaks and poor spells of catastrophic injury, Tottenham seem to be eager to bring in some additional talent.

While the transfer speculation continues to swirl ahead of the summer window, there’s two players that the club have already gotten to put pen to paper: Lucas Bergvall and Luka Vuskovic.

However, for the latter player, there could be an obstacle barring him from playing in English football, and it has to do with the English Football Association’s recent policy changes.

According to the organization, players must meet a certain threshold of Governing Body Endorsement points in order to compete in English competitions (The FA). 

Those points are based on a number of factors including minutes played and the relative quality of a league.

At present, Vuskovic is competing in the top tier of the Polish league, and though he found his way into 1,150 minutes of play this past season, the league’s level of competition may not earn the player enough points to qualify for English football (Transfermarkt). 

In order to safely secure those points, Vuskovic may need to move up in competition. 

Given his age and expertise, the Belgian or Dutch leagues could be strong candidates while Spurs wait for him to develop and earn points in the interim. 

The reality, however, is perhaps more so that, at 17-years-old, Spurs are assuming the player will need to develop his abilities and experience more gradually before jumping into what's considered to be Europe's toughest division of football.

As such, this may not be an issue worthy of much alarm.