Tottenham's Bentancur at risk of serving ban

Mexico v Uruguay - International Friendly
Mexico v Uruguay - International Friendly / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Spurs’ Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur is facing the possibility of serving a suspension after he made derogatory comments towards South Koreans.

Bentancur was quoted saying ”Sonny, or a cousin of Sonny, they all look the same” in an interview.

He apologised to Heung Min-Son publicly on his Instagram story, and also privately. The Spurs captian acknowledged this and said. “I’ve spoken with Lolo [Bentancur]. He made a mistake, he knows this and has apologised. Lolo would not mean to ever intentionally say something offensive. We are brothers and nothing has changed at all. We’re past this, we’re united, and we will back in pre-season to fight for our club as one.”

This acceptance does not guarantee Bentancur gets off scot free, however. Dele Alli was banned for one game after making similar comments during the COVID outbreak in 2020, and Bentancur’s compatriot Edinson Cavani was banned for 3 games later in the same year, and that was just a mistranslation.

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Bentancur’s focus for now will be on the Copa America with his native Uruguay. His side are in group C, and will face off against Panama, Bolovia, and the hosts, the United States of America. It is possible that at some point of the tournament we see Bentancur vs Romero.

Any distractions to the tournament will come of frustration and inconvenience to the Spurs midfielder, but he only has himself to blame and shouldn’t be expecting anybody to get any violins out for him as a result of his actions.