Tottenham player's contract extension a testament to leadership

Spurs have a new identity under manager Ange Postecoglou, and continuing that vision could be just as valuable as acquiring new talent.
Tottenham Hotspur Press Conference
Tottenham Hotspur Press Conference / Morgan Hancock/GettyImages

Anyone who's watched Tottenham compete in the past year knows that the team have played a unique brand of football, largely attributable to the new tactics ushered into the organization under manager Ange Postecoglou.

The new style of play, a tactical set-up known widely as 'Ange-ball', is often broadly defined as a high-paced, attack-based style of play that leaves defenses exposed on both ends of the pitch.

While the tactics have certainly been an adjustment for many players on the team, some have molded into their new roles practically seamlessly. One such player is the team's captain and club veteran Son Heung-min.

The team's top scorer this past season, Sonny is likely to stay at the club for an additional 12 months following the expiry of his contract in 2025, as reported by The Athletic. Spurs will take advantage of this option through a clause in the player's contract.

To the point on 'Ange-ball', there's no question the player has done well, working his way to 27 goal contributions across all competitions (Transfermarkt). However, there could be another reason why the club want to keep him around, something beyond his mere talent and aptitude when it comes to finding the back of the net.

Son is a natural-born leader, not only through his interactions with teammates, but by example in the way he plays.

There's no questioning the assertion that 'Ange-ball' takes a toll on player's physical health. Just look at the long list of injuries across the past few months.

Nevertheless, Son has adapted well to Ange's demands for a high-pressing front-line, for players to break into space when it's there and to play such a high tempo of attacking football that fans can often find themselves nearly as tired as the players after each match in simply trying to keep up with where the ball has gone.

Son's leadership, embedded in his ability to remain consistent in his effort each and every match week, is likely one of the most sought after player attributes in a system like Ange's.

Regardless of the direction Son's form goes over the next few seasons, it's fair to assume that he'll continue to work harder than any other player, and in doing so he'll help to set the tone for what it looks like to play 'Ange-ball' in its fullest form.