Tottenham manager delivers thoughts on sin-bins and blue cards

The game of football is changing at a rapid pace, and sin-bins and blue cards are the latest installation.
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/GettyImages

The many who have come to adore Ange Postecoglou over the past few months - joining the fan club of those who knew him in Scotland, Japan, and Australia - are well aware of the traditional views he tends to hold with regard to the footballing sport.

With the public release of new information regarding the implementation of sin-bins and blue cards into the game next year, which will see players serve 10 minute bans on play for infractions, the gaffer reaffirmed his stance on the direction football is headed.

Speaking in Spurs' Friday-night press conference, the boss commented "I don't think people will be surprised by my thoughts on it. I struggle to understand why this urgency all of a sudden to bring in new things. I don't know if there's that much wrong with the game as I see it. My biggest issue with the game right now is that VAR has changed the experience, whether you're a player, a manager or a supporter or whatever you are I think it's changed the experience of football."

Relating the contentious rules changes over the past few years to other sports, Ange continued: "other sports... are trying to introduce rules to speed up and un-clutter their game. We're going the other way and I don't know why. That's always been the difference with football compared to other sports. Football always has a life of its own."

For better or for worse, football is plowing forward along its own trail. The new rules will be phased into next year's men's and women's FA cups, and while the Football Association purports that previous trials have showcased reductions in the frequency of player dissent, time will tell whether or not the change is worth it.