Three quotes that sum up Ange Postecoglou's character and philosophy

Ange Postecoglou responded to three questions this week that perfectly reflect his character and football philosophy.

Big Ange is one of the most poised, deliberate, decisive, and down-to-earth managers. He doesn't sugarcoat things and tells how he sees it, frankly and honestly. Ange doesn't complain excessively, even when he has every right to do so. He'll acknowledge any consternation but won't harp on it, knowing it rarely serves the intended purpose.

While countless sound clips provide insight into his character and unwavering philosophical viewpoints, these three quotes offer a perfect, albeit brief, summation.

Ange doesn't care about embedded, sometimes arbitrary, classifications. He doesn't pigeonhole players into specific numbered positions but prefers fluidity and interchangeability. His midfielders, for example, must fulfil overarching responsibilities, including playing rapidly, aggressively and, if at all possible, forward. The one thing Ange doesn't want is for his midfielders to be constrained or limited by a number designation, which the gaffer sees as rigid and inflexible.

Never missing a beat, Ange is as switched on as they come. His lightning-fast retorts resemble Micky van de Ven's pace at full tilt. He also uses sarcasm precisely as intended, intelligently and effectively to get his point across. If used correctly and opportunistically, sarcasm is the highest form of wit. I think that's how the saying goes.

And then there's the ludicrous, laughable blue card idea, which, as expected, Ange vehemently disagrees with. It's another bizarre and perplexing idea from the powers that be. The gaffer never minces his words and is as clear about the ridiculous proposal. He says every other sport is trying to increase the speed of play, like van de Ven, while footy, in its quintessentially dogmatic way, attempts to make things more clunky and cumbersome.

Thank you, Ange, for saying what everyone else is thinking. It's one of countless reasons supporters are proud to have you leading the charge.