Son Heung-Min speaks on 'special connection' with Tottenham teammate

Heung-Min Son has reflected on his first season playing with star midfielder James Maddison
Heung-Min Son has looked back on his inaugural season alongside renowned midfielder James Maddison.
Heung-Min Son has looked back on his inaugural season alongside renowned midfielder James Maddison. / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Son Heung-Min lost his best partner when Tottenham's top goalscorer of all time, Harry Kane, left the club at the start of this season. The Englishman decided to pursue a new challenge with German giants Bayern Munich, with Son stepping up in his absence.

Fortunately for the Korean forward, Tottenham found a gem in James Maddison, who shined for Leicester City and was ready to play for a big-six club. Spurs got him for £40 million last year, completing a move that would benefit the club, and especially, Son Heung-Min.

These two have created a big chemistry on the pitch, helping Spurs win games and dominate opponents. Maddison has missed some games due to injury, but there's no doubt that when he's healthy, his impact on the team is huge.

Speaking on his connection with the English midfielder, Son had nothing but good words to say about Maddison, who is still young and has a bright future ahead.

Son Heung-Min details 'special connection' with James Maddison

"[James Maddison] is a fantastic boy. He is still a young guy and not in his prime. We're working really hard and we also have a very special connection. Before he joined Spurs, I loved him. I loved him because he was a similar player to Christian Eriksen, I would say. I always followed him because I liked this kind of player who is making a game with his quality, creating chances, scoring goals, make those runs. For me, he was very, very special... I really enjoy playing with him. I want to make him an even better player," Son told TNT Sports.

Even though Maddison isn't a striker like Harry Kane, he's found ways to connect with Son from the midfield. The 26-year-old has displayed his quality all season long, becoming a key part of Spurs' roster.

The future is bright for Maddison, who is ready to keep building on this season and play for important things next season. He's made it clear he wants to play Champions League football and if Tottenham holds on to that fourth place, the young midfielder has a good chance to enjoy years of success with the North London side.

As Sonny said, he's not even in his prime, and that should scare the competition in England and overseas.