No time to panic: Tottenham continue poor form, but Ange Postecoglou not discouraged

Coming off yet another loss, Spurs have taken just one point off their past five matches, but Ange and company are already thinking about the next fixture.
Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Clive Brunskill/GettyImages

Ange's words in the team's post-match press conference following a narrow 2-1 defeat to West Ham invoked a slight tinge of frustration, but nevertheless a commitment to moving the team's focus to what's ahead: 23 more games of Premier League football.

"There's only one way to change our circumstances and that is to come here on Sunday and put in a performance, not just play good football but go out there and show some conviction about ourselves as a team."

The main frustrations were with the players' inability to be clinical in front of goal. The lack of composure shone through in the result: eight corners, 23 shots, 59 touches in the opposition box, and only one goal to show for it.

"All I see is us not really showing any real clear conviction in what we're doing. It's almost like we're thinking the ball will go into the net by itself but it won't. You need to have that determination to do that and you need to have that determination to keep the ball out of your net at the other end."

The key word: determination. Spurs have gone 1-0 up in each of their previous five matches without winning any of them, and it seems that a determination in front of net, on both ends, certainly has something to do with it.

Nevertheless, Tottenham have to recollect and head into the weekend with the previous fixture behind them. Newcastle United have struggled in away matches this season and it could be the opportunity for Spurs to bounce back, but only if they find some poise:

"I want to win and that's why I came to this football club and that's the message. We've still got a long way to go, I've said that from the start, we're still right at the beginning of what we need to create and days like today just give me further evidence and fuel of how much we need to do."