Micky van de Ven an 'elite' player according to Ange Postecoglou

With the Dutch footballer's name circulating the media in recent days, his manager believes he's had an immense impact in North London and on the Premier League as a whole.
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Everton FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/GettyImages

It's official: Micky van de Ven is the fastest player in the Premier League, ever. In his performance against Brentford, where he chased down Lewis Keane-Potter on a break-away, the former Wolfsburg center-back notched a speed of 37.38km/h (per BBC), a record-breaking pace. The defender surpasses City's right-back and former Tottenham player, Kyle Walker.

VDV's speed has been crucial to the success of Spurs' high-line this season, egging teams on to play through-balls and either forcing strikers into offside positions or allowing them to fall victim to Micky's recovery pace.

Amongst the hype, however, fans haven't been the only ones to allocate praise for the player's contributions. In his press conference ahead of Tottenham's clash with Brighton, club manager Ange Postecoglou delivered his sentiments: "Obviously we kind of knew what we were getting with Micky from a physical perspective. There was plenty of evidence that we'd already seen that his speed and his ability to recover was elite, for sure. But then it's not just about running fast, football is more than that. It's more than just speed, you've got to use that in the right way."

Continuing, the Australian added that "I'm really impressed with how he's adapted to Premier League football. He's up against the top strikers every week and obviously he was out injured but when he's played, his ability to use that speed in an effective way in terms of his defensive work, I think has been outstanding for a young man in his first year."

The manager went on to make yet another great point, a fact that many could easily overlook: Micky had previously only played in the Bundesliga for one year before traveling to Europe's toughest division. With this in mind, it's fair to say that his performances for Spurs have been nothing short of "outstanding," to use Postecoglou's words.

As he continues to play full matches, Spurs fans may be wondering whether or not his previous hamstring injury has the coaching staff worried over a potential knock. According to Ange, however, that couldn't be further from the truth: "You can't think of it that way. It's his game. He had the injury against Chelsea and there's always a possibility with high-performing athletes but he had a really good rehab program and he hasn't missed a beat since he got back."

With this in mind, perhaps supporters can let go of their fears over another injury crisis, although it's surely easier said than done.

It's important to note that despite VDV's dominance in open areas of the pitch, there's no denying that Tottenham have had some troubles in the back, especially on set-pieces. In their draw with Everton, both of the opposition's goals came from either corners or free-kicks. Using his height, Micky will have to continue working on winning those crucial aerial duals which could make thie difference in future matches.