Legendary Tottenham midfielder delivers verdict on Ange Postecoglou's first season

The Australian manager has consistently worked to make it clear to every onlooker that what he's doing in North London is something for the long-term, but that hasn't stopped some from assessing his first campaign with Spurs.
Manchester City V Tottenham Hotspur, Fa Cup 4th Round
Manchester City V Tottenham Hotspur, Fa Cup 4th Round / Richard Sellers/Allstar/GettyImages

Spurs had quite the roller coaster of a first season under new management, showing everything from a ten-game winning streak, to bouts of poor form and injury.

Though the consensus on the team's fifth place finish has been mixed, with some arguing that it was respectable given the circumstances, and others seeing it as a shortcoming given the team's early show of good form, their remain those few who continue to broach the subject with careful analysis and hope for what's to come.

Speaking with football.london, former Tottenham midfielder Darren Anderton gave his thoughts on Postecoglou's successes and areas for improvement as the club gear up to take on their next season of English football, and a stab at the Europa League.

"Towards the end of the season I was a little bit frustrated, but the fixtures didn't help, it highlighted that we're not quite at that [top] level yet and the fact we started the season so well, the expectancy became too much, it was probably too high, people were talking about challenging for the league," Anderton stated.

The initial comments from the Tottenham veteran seemed to echo sentiments that Postecoglou himself had portrayed in many a press conference.

Continuing, Anderton made sure to provide plenty of praise for the manager and his role in turning things around at a club that was in desperate need of revamping.

"He's come in done a great job, put smiles on faces again, because the previous four or five years have been pretty tough, we had a couple of managers who are winners, but the football was not fun to watch and we didn't win. It's ok to play a certain style and you're winning, but if you're not entertaining or winning, something's not quite right," Anderton explained.

Adding just the right touch of constructive criticism, Anderton made sure to describe how, "Now we've got to go on next season and be even better, be defensively better I would say, some games reminded me of Ossie back in our day which was entertaining and great to watch, but not conducive to a challenge for the top four!"

One thing's for sure, and that's the fact that 'Ange-ball' is in full flow in North London. Tottenham just have to find their footing and grow into the expectations and guidance their faithful manager is and will continue to be providing them with.