'Far too early': Journalist eases worries from Tottenham fans after recent loss

Even though the fan reception was poor after Spurs' loss to Wolves last Saturday, Ange and company still have plenty of time to push for a top-four finish.

Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League / Julian Finney/GettyImages

Despite their great start to the season, Tottenham have been handed a disappointing number of losses in both cup and league matches over the past few months. However, given the expectations that fans had going into the season, one journalist argues, there's enough time left in the campaign to assuage any doubts.

Chief football writer at BBC Sport, Phil McNulty, was recently asked by a fan, "Has the Ange Postecoglou bubble burst at Tottenham? He no longer seems to be flavour of the month."

Here's everything that McNulty had to say in response:

"Far too early for that... I think most Spurs fans would have grabbed at fifth place and two points off the Champions League places at this stage if they’d been offered it at the start of the season. The cups have been a disappointment, but I suppose they can now focus entirely on a top-four challenge."

But what about the leaks in defense? It seems that Spurs have struggled with conceding to teams they should be beating by multiple goals. Here's what McNulty had to say on that front:

"Where I would have concerns is that I felt Saturday’s home loss to Wolves had been coming. They went behind against Brentford and Brighton and, while they won both, there was that nagging feeling that they always give teams a chance and they would not be able to escape in every game. This, however, is part of the all-out attacking strategy Postecoglou employs. It is the price on the ticket, if you like, and Spurs fans have bought in, although they won’t like losing too many."

Additionally, while Ange certainly curried a lot of favor during the ten-game unbeaten stretch at the start of the season, a lot of that had to do with the context behind his appointment, McNulty explained:

"Not sure he was ever 'flavour of the month'. I think all the positives were simply a natural response to the way he changed the mood and playing style at Spurs after the stodge of Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte."

To the journalist's points, it's simply too early and too drastic to make any wide-sweeping claims about the Tottenham manager, especially pertaining to his ability. With decades of experience on the coaching front, Postecoglou has been in these situations before, not to mention the fact that he's had to deal with one of the worst injury crises the club has ever seen, and did so fairly well.